Malachi's Life {7 Years}

My Life is. . . by Malachi

  • imagination

  • G.I. Joes

  • Playmobil

  • cars

  • army guys

  • building forts

  • school

  • video games for one hour

  • sports

  • family time

  • Bible

  • Five in a Row

  • food - smores, cake, ice cream, cookies

  • colors: black, dark blue

  • playing army with my brothers

  • having fun

  • playing outside 

  • watching my brothers play iPod

  • helping with Bo

  • working

Highlights of his day. . .

I was inspired by this Castle Story Box and made it with the kids' help to go along with his knights. (Malachi wanted a gold castle - Jordan spray painted it for me and then I let Mali and Elli paint gold glitter glue all over it). Then I had the idea at the last minute to put all of his new knights in the box, stuff it with crumpled up packaging paper and tissue and close the drawbridge. 

The card popped out when he opened the draw bridge. :) 

Another beautiful hand made card made by my friend Lisa. Malachi was more interested in the money inside ($7 since he turned 7). That's a boy for you! He's since taken the cars/trucks off and has been playing with them, ha ha! I had it made 4x6 to put in my Project Life album, but it IS his card to play with, after all. :) 

Malachi had a hard time deciding what he wanted for dessert - he Rock-Papered-Scissored me to decide. I was the Key Lime Pie and he was the French Silk Pie. . .Key Lime won and he decided that I was the Lemon Meringue. So Lemon Meringue it was. (Not homemade - just too much going on this week). 

Dinner. . .

Malachi helped me pick the peppers out for our row of Red Clogs, but then he picked every single pepper off his piece, ha ha! Guess he doesn't like peppers - like his dad. But, he does like onions - like his dad. 

What I Love About You, Malachi.

I Love. . .

  • your imagination

  • that you are good at playing

  • your story-lines, battles, forts, and pictures you draw

  • how well you play with Sissy

  • that you can't carry a tune or sing (you remind me of your dad)

  • your loving heart

  • how sweet you are

  • your big, beautiful eyes 

  • how helpful you are with Boaz

  • that you are learning to read 

  • that you are good at math

  • YOU. So very much. And so thankful for your 7 years of life. 

Project {Malachi's} Life. . .

Still working on pages. :)