Project 52 {Week 7}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 7.

This week. . . (2.12.12 - 2.18.12)

  • Kids are better, but Mom is still sick this week (but better by the end of the week!)

  • The boys are on week 24 in My Father's World: Genghis Khan, Mongolians Invade China, Ming Dynasty, Marco Polo, Russia, Ivan the Great, Ivan the Terrible.  Which means more Chinese food this week! :)

  • We started our row of A Pair of Red Clogs on the 4th day of the week. 

Homemade stir-fry veggies with rice noodles and homemade egg rolls.

Dylan doing a sunset demonstration experiment for Science. (The milk represents particles in our atmosphere which diffuse the sun's rays making them appear run at sunset. (After a few drops the light on the white paper turned red).

  • I started playing pickleball this week. It gets my heart rate up and I was sore after the first day. I've gone three times to play at Luke's urging, but I enjoy it. Pickleball is addicting! Jordan came with me one night to play. 

  • Jordan has been working daily after school to earn the money to pay for the taxes and plates on his truck.  Oh, happy day - he got them!

  • On Sabbath, we attended a UCG service in Billings. Afterwards, we played at the park with the little ones while waiting for sunset. 


They are talking about whether or not they should go down the slide together. :) 

Luke's grandmother made this dress for a cousin and it was passed down to Eliana. I it. It says "country bumpkin" to me and I think she is so sweet in it. 

  • Then we made a mad dash through Costco before they closed (quick trip so no pics). We bought groceries and a Vitamix - Luke's idea, although he let me think it was mine. ;-) I got the dry blade container too and hope that it will grind wheat faster than my electric grinder.  Can't wait to open it! (Oh, and I'd really like a Bosch next.). 

  • I'm feeling better by the end of this week, praise Father! I'm behind on life, but will catch up soon. I'm working on a plan for school next year. . .  and decided yesterday . . . oh, wait, that's for Week 8. :D 

  • I put in an order on Friday for Project Life supplies, yay! 

All caught up! We have a busy week already this week, so phew!