Project 52 {Week 6}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 6.

This week. . . (2/5/ - 2/11)

  • Floor hockey started.

  • Jordan started coaching a little team of 3rd - 5th graders. 

  • Luke is working on the logo designs for spring soccer and on a powerpoint show for a coaches clinic coming up next month, and getting ahead on his work so he can take a spring break next month.

  • Luke met with contractors to get quotes on the work needing done at the property (tape and texture, propane line, cistern and culvert) and received a blessing - Greg, the sheetrock finisher, offered to come and TEACH us how to tape and texture. This is a praise and an answer to prayer!

  • We've had sickness in our home. It's been an emotional and trying week, but YHVH is good. 

  • Boys finished Week 23 in My Father's World: China and Japan and we had Fried Rice and Sticky Chicken for an activity from Week 22 (Wouldn't A Pair of Red Clogs and Grandfather's Journey tie in nicely right now?!)

I am. . .

  • going: to the park to enjoy the sunshine while I can. 

  • baking: Hot Cocoa Cookies

  • doing: lit activities and some Winter Fun activities with the kids for White Snow Bright Snow.

  • loving: Amazon Prime 2 day shipping {& a big box containing Project Life stuff!}

  • working on: Project Life 2011 (6 months of photos + 3 months of journaling √ )

  • drinking: decaf vanilla chai tea with honey and half-n-half

  • planning: next years curriculum

  • needing: a hair cut. I'm thinking shoulder length (or just above my shoulders if I am brave).

  • reading: through the Bible - all caught up and even ahead! Luke is reading with me too. :) 

  • studying: the book of Ephesians (chapter 2) with some girls online. 

  • capturing: places we go?  This didn't work out too well, because we got sick. The first day of this week was the only day I went anywhere. 

Pics . . .

Bo at the park. 

Checking out the slide.  2.5.12

A smile for Ma ma. 

He was all over the field loving his freedom while the kids played soccer! {I'm using my zoom lens}

 Ran into a friend at the park. 

He and Bo are less than two weeks apart. 

While I was at the park with the little ones and Nathan, the boys (Luke, Jordan and Dylan) were in Montana at the property.  

Pics from the property (taken on Jordan's iPod). 

You can see the house much better from the road now that the dead trees have been cleared.  

Love the little green trees. 

Making progress on the sheetrock - all ready for tape and texture.  I need to clean the windows! 

View from the house of the wood piles and driveway (property line is about 10-15 feet behind the farthest woodpile). 

Log splitter and trailer/tool shed. 

1 of 4 piles of of split and stacked firewood. 

My box from Amazon. :) 

Project Life supplies - yay! 

Working on 2011. 

Bo's photos organized by week. 

Once I got 6 months of Bo's photos in, I realized I probably should have included our Project Life photos, too, so I went back and added them in. It worked out fine. But, the second half of 2011 will be easier. 3 months of journaling done too! Can't wait to share the album! I am using Cobalt and ♥ it! {And this would be why I am all out of pages so soon!}

The kids played Life all week. It was out on the table every day. 

And Perfection. 

And a few other games. 

I don't have my pages done for Week 6, but you can see the pages I did for our learning fun on Delightful Learning. I put in a big order on Friday - half my order should be here on Tuesday, the other half on Wednesday. Woo hoo! 

Now, to catch up on Week 7.  The weeks are flying by! Once warmer weather comes, they can slow down a bit. :) 

Week 8, here we come! 

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