Project 52 {Week 8}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 8.

2.19 - 2.25

I am. . .

  • drinking: Creamy Hot Cocoa {the old fashioned made-on-the-stove kind}

  • working like crazy on: Project Life 2011. 43 pages of photos added √. I averaged 10.75 pages per month - I am only through October and my album is full. But, I have a plan. :)

  • going: shopping with the little ones

  • planning: school planning still - getting closer! 

  • organizing: books, shelves and my desk

  • reading: through the Bible 

  • studying: Ephesians Chapter 3 (GMG Week 6)

  • capturing: sports, school, and a birthday boy

This week. . .

  • the boys had an adult soccer game against each other and begged me to come (and I did). I don't go normally because indoor soccer is dangerous to watch and it is hard to take Bo. Both boys are doing good. Luke says that Nathan has scored more points this season than all of his season's combined. Jordan is playing well, too. He has good foot skills. 

  • We finished up our row of A Pair of Red Clogs and started Grandfather's Journey. 

  • The boys completed Week 25 in MFW. 

  • I ordered a new curriculum for Eliana (so excited for it to get here!)

  • Today, Bo said "hot" and did the sign for hot! (2.21.12) The other night at dinner he signed milk - he saw Luke pouring a glass of milk and he did his "ah ah" thing (a sweet high pitched sound) and earnestly signed milk! I've been signing with Bo since he was just a few months old. . . and he's just now starting to sign at 14 months.


He loves sitting at the table like a big boy. 

Playing with Sissy's school project.

I love how Bo crinkles his nose when he smiles. 

14 months old this week! 

On our way to the "market" for our math lesson for A Pair of Red Clogs.  

I love that they are holding hands and how Eliana holds on to my shirt. :)


We made berry smoothies for breakfast. 

Love Bo's handlebar mustache. :) 

  • My 2nd Project Life order (another album and more pages) and my Sonlight order arrived! 

This Core is for Eliana. :) I was so excited to get started that we started the day it arrived. . . I'll share more next week.

Project Life

Not sharing my layouts this week. . . I have all the photos in my album, but still need to do the journaling cards. I am also working on a school album, so just too much right now to do both!