White Snow Bright Snow

2.3.12 ~ 2.8.12

White snow, bright snow, smooth and deep. 
Light snow, night snow, quiet as sleep. 
Down, down, without a sound; 
Down, down to the frozen ground.  

The story begins with a poem, so we listened for the rhyming words as we read the poem. Now that Malachi is reading, it adds such a fun dimension to our learning - he could find the words in the story.

Then Malachi did a Mitten Blending activity to reinforce blends he learned in All About Reading.

Mitten Blends

And Eliana reviewed the sound of /s/ from The Snowy Day Prinatables Pack

She is also working in the Explode the Code Primers - she recently started Book B. I'm still working through Language Lessons for Little Ones 1 with her (we are on Lesson 140), but I am debating whether or not I will continue the series with her. 

White Snow Bright Snow is fun in that it is repetitive. We watch what happens to the postman, the farmer, the policeman, the wife, the children, and even the animals as they prepare for winter, go through winter and then say hello to spring.

During the first snow, the postman puts on his rubbers, the farmer went to the barn for a snow shovel, the policeman buttons up his coat and the wife made sure she had cough mixture in the medicine cabinet. Since we were sick this week, I pulled out my stash of natural supplements. 

The Elderbery is my #1 pick followed by Super C for colds and flu. In the story, the policeman gets his feet wet, so the wife uses a mustard plaster on the policeman's chest so he wouldn't catch a cold.  He later ends up getting a chill, which I explained meant that he probably had a fever. He had to stay in bed, and I stressed the importance of rest when we are sick.  

Front Paint
"Silently, the frost made pictures of ice ferns on the window panes." 
The frost paint is neat - it uses Epsom Salts dissolved in boiling water to create salt crystals on the paper.  

Frost Paint
I cut out a window frame to put on top of our picture once it dried (so it would look like a scene outside with frost on the window), but the frost was too thick. (Go easy on the epsom salt "paint" next time!). 

Animal Tracks

"The rabbits hopped about as best they could making long funny rabbit tracks in the soft snow."
This was a wonderful time to review animal tracks.

Indoor snowball fight!

What were the children doing in the story?

"The children made a snowman, a snow house, a snow fort, and then had a snowball fight."

I was inspired by these homemade snowballs but added a practical twist - rolled up socks.

The kids donned their snow gear for more authenticity. 

And we used laundry baskets for "snow forts."

By this time we were ready to warm up with hot cocoa and homemade snowflake marshmallows.

Another day we had Hot Cocoa Cookies {with homemade toasted marshmallows}. 

And for dinner one night we had Snowman Pizza. 

Snowman Pizza

We dressed our snowman up a bit. ;-) 

And watched as he started to "melt." 

Our snowman literally melted in the oven, haha!  It was still so good. 

"Each day the sun grew stronger, and the snow melted. Big patches of soft muddy ground showed through the snow the snow in the fields. The sound of dripping, running water and the smell of wet brown earth filled the warm air. . . running water gurgled in the gutters and rain pipes. . . and the children watched for the first robin to tell them Spring had really come."

We've had an usually warm winter (and the kids have enjoyed what little snow we have had), but we have not seen any signs of spring yet. . . and that includes the first robin. But, spring is just around the corner! Yippee! 

Project Life

I've been working on Project Life and sharing our life one week at a time on my family blog (sneaking in bits and pieces of our homeschool - especially with the older boys - when I can.)  I've been thinking lots about a school album. . . and gave it a try this week. Here is our week of White Snow Bright Snow. . . wherein our {FI♥AR} Lap Journal meets Project Life. :) 

I am using Turquoise Edition with Turquoise collection cardstock and Design A and Design F pages, which are both currently available in the Big Variety Pack. 

White Snow Bright Snow is NOT a Five in a Row selection, but ties in nicely with The Snowy Day.

Note:  I bought the lapbook from A Journey Through Learning to go along with our row of The Snowy Day, but I don't see that it is available anymore ~ sorry I can't give you a link. 

See more Winter Fun ideas on my Pinterest Board.

We rowed this during Week 5 and Week 6 of 2012  ~ visit my family blog to see behind the scenes photos of our life this week. :)

In progress: our row of A Pair of Red Clogs and a review of Speekee Spanish.

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