100th Day of School {Movie Theatre Theme}

Wow! Reading through our read-alouds over the summer really gave us a boost to our school year! We are flying through our curriculum {Sonlight Core B} and decided to celebrate our 100th day of school when we got to day 100. And would you believe that in the 4 weeks since then, we finished the last 80 days of Core B?! Really?! Well, since we are using it along with Core G, and Core G moves more quickly and covers more material, I have been trying to keep up!  

We started our day with donuts (a maple or chocolate bar and two round donuts to make "100"), but not before I woke my sweet girl with 100 kisses. 

I hung red and white streamers and taped two strips of "movie" tickets to the top. The sign on the frame of the door - "Everyday is a gift" gave more meaning to our day.

Popcorn boxes, movie theatre candy, star glasses, and tickets were on the table for a special treat. 

And then our learning fun began!

Eliana rolled out 100 tickets and counted by 5's as she picked them up.

Place Value Village - The Hundred's House

Then she counted to 100 using her tickets and The Place Value Village from her Math Lessons for a Living Education. (A little ahead of where she is at in the book, but the program has laid a good foundation - watch what happens!)

Up to this point, she had only counted up to 40, so I counted with her by tens to 90 and then she started counting at 90 on the Place Value Counting Mat.


She's thinking. 

10 Tens and 0 Ones, but we know that we can't have more than 9 in the Ten's House. But, I don't say a word!

She's eyeing the 100 tickets in the Hundred's house! 

Lightbulb moment! 

Yay! She gets it!  

1 Hundred, 0 Tens, 0 Ones! 

Counting 100 Pieces of Popcorn

100 Pieces of Popcorn, each. 
100th Day Popcorn Poster

Gluing 100 pieces of popcorn...

We started and then had friends over to celebrate and watch a movie with us!

So, we finished up the next day...

Movie Theatre Cookies

For our movie treat, I made a new to me recipe: Movie Theatre Cookies, made with kettle corn and Raisinettes.

I'm not a fan of raisins - these would have been better with another kind of movie theatre candy - like Whoppers, or even Goobers, or something.

100's Chart

Eliana wrote the numbers from 1 to 100. This is her first time writing them, and I didn't specify to write them across, but it worked out.

A Giant Tub of Popcorn! 

I wish I would have taken a picture of all the little hands in the table playing! I had a big bag of popcorn that I had in storage, but popcorn doesn't keep very long and I didn't rotate it, so I put it to good use -- in the water table! 

Bo and his little friends had fun!  

The older kids watched a movie and I sat and visited with a new friend - a homeschool mom. :) 

It was a fun day and it was good to take the time to slow down and celebrate!  

Last year we celebrated at 50 days:  50's Fun {50th Day of School} 
And the year before I tied it into a row: Three Names {FI♥AR} and 100th Day Celebration

What day are you on and when do you celebrate if you do? 1st day? 50th day? 100th day? Last day? I'd love to hear!