Tot School with Bo {Letter Vv}

Letter: Vv
Object: Volcano

~Bo is 35 months~

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We started out with an activity that I had planned for last week from Slow and Steady Get Me Ready.

Is it Hot or Cold?

I had various pictures of hot and cold foods cut out of magazines and Bo had to decide which was which and glue them down. He did a great job!

Letter Vv Basket

(This one was a hard one.) 

Bo linked them together, rather than link them to the LetterVv. 

Letter Vv Printables

Vv is for Volcano

Dot Paint the Vv


Play Dough Volcano Science Play

I helped Bo make a volcano out of play dough and he used the dropper to add colored vinegar to the baking soda in the volcano. He watched it bubble a few times and then I let him pour the vinegar in to watch it erupt.  Fun science for 2 year olds. :)

Speech Update

Bo had speech therapy on Tuesday morning and a speech evaluation in the afternoon. They will diagnose him as having an articulation delay (previously it was an expressive language delay). I'm not a speech pathologist, but I know my child and I don't agree with this diagnosis.  

I don't even believe that Bo has an expressive language delay or ever did - he knows what he wants to say, but he can't say it. This is a delay in motor planning and is consistent with Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  Bo uses a small number of consonants and vowels, has better speech production in words that are automatic (uh oh, no, mom, pop), than when trying to say something new. He's practiced these automatic phrases over and over so the motor planning for that specific word or phrase has been learned, (What Makes Childhood Apraxia Different From Other Speech Disorders helped me see this.). He has trouble with motor planning anything new.  

For example, Bo can say /b/ and /o/ very clearly (no articulation problem at all), but he cannot put them together (motor plan) to make a word. This is characteristic of Apraxia. 

A few new phrases Bo is saying:  "I don't know" and the more he says it, the more clear it is becoming. And it is so easy to get him to say it in a natural way, just by asking him questions that he may not know. Usually, it is "Where's my keys?!" :) 

Also, one day while taking a bath, he asked me to "wait here."  And he is saying the /t/ at the end of hot! I'm noticing more ending sounds this week in words that I have repeatedly worked with him on. 

I took a video of Bo looking at our 2012 Project Life album this week (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4) and these are the words and phrases I picked up on: 
  • Elli 
  • weee
  • how how (Malachi)
  • Elli ing (Elli swimming)
  • mom mom
  • ing (he uses this for many words)
  • ing ing (swimming)
  • mine hing (my friend)
  • uh mom (that's mom) ing (swimming)
  • wait wait wait!
  • eow eow (meow) 
  • own wee (on swing)
  • ay ing (pointing to me nursing him)
  • woo (dog barking)
  • ing (for swing)
  • ing (for two - "one - ing" - one - two)
  • num num
  • uh huh
  • oin (?)
  • I don't know
  • ow i (out side)
  • mm hmm
  • that one
  • ha ha ha
  • eight
  • hey
  • baby
  • I'm baby 
  • roar (sounds like rawr)

In addiiton, he uses grunts and gestures.  I noticed that whenever he wanted Eliana's attention, he pulled her chin towards him. If I had been looking at this with him, I would consistently repeat (model) the correct word for him, as she does occasionally.  

Here is the 1st video: 

Nutrition Update

The Fermented Cod Liver Oil is going great! He takes 1-2 tsp a day and doesn't mind it so much, and even came back for seconds the first two times. Yay! The Cinnamon Tingle has a cinnamon flavor and leaves a tingly taste in your mouth. He does not like the Butter Oil - it makes him gag, poor guy. I stopped making him take it by the spoonful. Instead I melt it and add it to applesauce. It doesn't taste so bad (tastes like raspberry butter), so I think it is the feel of it in his mouth - could be the texture or the amount (1tsp). 

I am making egg nog for Bo. He loves it and I will share my recipe as soon as I make a new batch, as there is no denying - this is Egg Nog Season! and it is an easy way to get egg yolks into him (since he won't eat much meat).  

I made 2 quarts of bone broth with the free range turkey I cooked last week and used it to make gravy to serve over toast with turkey. He didn't care for it and I couldn't get him to eat much of it. 

I bought some Annie's snacks (Bunny Grahams and Cheddar Bunnies) for Bo to take to play group, and that was a mistake. That's all he wanted the whole week. And he didn't even have playgroup, haha! 

Thank you for your encouragement, support and especially your prayers! :) 

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