Tot School with Bo {Letter Zz}

Letter: Zz
Object: Zipper
Theme: Clothing

~Bo is almost 36 months~

Highlight of the week: Bo is using his name without prompting.  He won't say Boaz yet, but he says "Bo-yeah!" instead of Boo-yeah. :)

And after Bo's last speech therapy with the 2 year old teacher, Bo said "bye" for the first time. When I told Elli this, she said, oh yeah, he's been saying that for me. She has a way with him that no one else does.

Bo has had an explosion of new words since this week! 

Words like: 
  • "two"
  • "doe" for go
  • "Bo do" (as in Bo wants to do it)
  • "dough" (while patting and rolling biscuit dough with me)
  • "boo" for blue
  • "mine tee" for my key
  • "thee" (soft th) for three
  • "outta my way" (LOL)
  • "tay" and later "otay" for okay
  • "moon," "star," and "sky" in the same sentence - telling me there are stars and a moon in the sky, pointing up as he says sky. 

This is remarkable to me. He has had more growth the last two weeks than he has had all year. And he is using these words all on his own, without prompting.

Yay for Fermented Cod Liver Oil, High Vitamin Butter Oil and a diet of healthy fats! :) 

Of which, by the way, includes mostly whole milk, cream, butter, eggs, and egg nog.

Theme: Clothing and Button Sewing


Zz is for Zipper

Baby, Bigger, Biggest

Bo had his first private speech therapy appointment this week. It was recomended by our pediatrician and since Bo is transitioning from the 2 year old teacher to the 3 year old teacher, I thought now would be a good time to add another change.  The first thing I noticed was a giant ZIPPER on the trampoline! :)  He had to zip it up once he was inside for safety. Bo had a total blast exploring the gym/play zone while I talked to the speech therapist. All speech therapy is done during gross motor movement and/or play. I think he will thrive in this environment. He will have a one hour lesson once a week, and continue with 2 twenty minute sessions at the child development center where he has been going. 

This is my last tot school post. Bo is turning 3 and graduating Tot School. I will start Preschool in January. 

I'm excited for a new adventure!

Thank you for following this journey with me and Bo. I'm thankful to those who have stuck with me through this series. I know it hasn't been a popular series on my blog, but I needed it for me. 

I needed it for Bo.♥

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