Tot School with Bo {Letter Ww}

Letter: Ww
Object: Window
Theme: In My House
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~Bo is 35 months~


Bo spent a good amount of time doing puzzles for Tot School this week. I'm happy he is a fan. 

He still loves the Beginner Pattern Blocks (and we've had them for a year now). 

And he is really digging the Box Puzzles. (These puzzles are almost half the price at TJ Max if you can find them.)

Lining up his completed puzzles. :)

There's a story behind the next few photos. I set the camera up on a stack of books and used a wireless remote to take photos. He loved it! He was only slightly distracted by it, but in a cute way, while working on Mighty Mind.

I wanted to use the remote to take pictures of me working with him, in case he wanted to sit on my lap again like he did last week.  And while I didn't end up needing it (this week), it made for some cute photos. :)

So, why all of a sudden does he want me sitting with him? I'm not sure, but I think it is related to the desk work he does for speech therapy. He clams up and often hides under the table when he is being pushed and if I am in the room, he wants me to sit with him. Since, he cannot really tell me how he feels, I am concerned by this.  But, since she started bringing the iPad, he has been a little better, but still crawls under the table during his lessons.


We have been listening to Wee Sing Nursery Rhymes and Lullabies for a few months now, but Bo has been asking for them more regularly. He loves to "dance" and twirl to the music. This is a part of Sonlight's P3/4 which I have been informally using with Bo up until now, but plan to use more when he turns 3. (I put the CD on my phone via iTunes so we can listen anywhere).

Tot School Printables

Ww is for Window

I love his expressions and how his smile lights up his face.

And for a little boy who doesn't like his hands dirty, he is sure getting into the finger painting!

But, we did have to wash hands before moving on. :)

What Begins with Ww?

Dot Paint the Letters

His all-done look of accomplishment as he slides his paper towards me, haha!

Left to Right Tracing

(Maybe I should work on top to bottom, too?)

In My House

Oh, boy. He didn't sit still long for this one. He was out of his seat - making real connections with the pictures on the page and the objects in our home. He loves making those connections.

I set up the busy bag for what I call an "Invitation to Play."  He's done a lot of puzzles this week, so I am not sure he will be interested, but he is!

At first, he just wants to play and stack the foam blocks.

Then I introduce him to the puzzle patterns.

He's does a few puzzles and then goes back to building.

Pretend Play

I am still in awe whenever I see Bo playing toys. He really wasn't interested in playing with toys when he was younger. He played with a select few.  He now plays very well, by himself for long periods of time, but also plays well with brother, sister, and Pop.

I took these one day this week when Luke was home and playing G.I. Joes with Bo and Malachi.

And Bo has been loving on the bunnies. Though, I am not sure they feel the same about him and it frustrates him that they run away. 

We finished Letter Yy this past week, which means we are on our last letter for tot school! We will do letter Zz this coming week, and then I will take a break while I get ready for Bo's 3rd birthday... and Preschool with Bo!  I will shares Letters Xx, Yy, and Zz then I am planning to sneak in a Literature Based Unit Study for his birthday, so I will hopefully share that too. 

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