Ancient Greece {Sonlight Core B}

For our hands on homeschooling project for Ancient Greece, we had a mini Ancient Greek "Food Festival." We made homemade pita chips with homemade Tzatziki cucumber sauce, cucumbers, salad tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese, spinach, Greek style feta stuffed green olives, and kalmata olives. 

And we made homemade gyros!

My favorite Tzatziki cucumber sauce is simply Greek yogurt, cucumber (finely grated and juice pressed out), fresh chopped garlic, dill and pepper.

Toasted Pita Bread is simple too -- cut pita, spread with butter, sprinkle with garlic salt and oregano and toast in the oven.

I see you, sweetie. ♥ 

Then we made Gryos with a homemade Gryo meat recipe and flatbread. And we served it with Sparkling Red Grape Juice.

The Gryo meat was strange - you process the burger in a food processor so it is a super fine ground and it meshes together to form a sticky meat matrix. Then you mix in spices, bake it like a meat loaf, slice it, and broil it so it is crispy. Not as good as our local House of Yros, but I didn't follow the recipe exactly (I left out the bacon from this recipe on Serious Eats).

Elli loved the kalmata olives! 

For dessert, we had baklava (store bought). {Just ignore the fact that it is drizzled in chocolate, as I can't find any evidence that they had chocolate in Ancient Greece!}

I bought phylo dough to make my own, as I have made it before, but I decided to keep it simple and not overdo it. I have a tendency to do that and in the long run, it leads to burn out. Which is why I chose food as our project - we have to eat!

And I doubt mine would have been this good! {Again, just ignore the chocolate. ;-) }

We didn't do much with the History Pockets this week. Mali and Elli colored the Greek figures and made Theatre Masks, but we did not do the Parthenon project from the Pocket. 

My goal was to finish Core B by the end of this calendar year (because we have read so far ahead in the read alouds, I thought we would move quickly through the rest of the core)... and we did!

From here we moved on to Ancient China and India, and then made our way back to Ancient Rome. And I am hoping for some motivation to do some hands on projects. We'll see. So far, I managed to put together a "Roman Lunch" -- to which Malachi responded later with, "When do we get to have our real Roman meal." ?!