Swimming Creatures Lesson 9: Mollusks

Bivalves. Gastropods. Clams. Oysters. Mussels. Scallops. Sea Snails. Conchs. Whelks. Winkles. Periwinkles. Moon Snail. Cowries. Wentletraps. Cone Shells. Limpets. Abalones. Slipper Shell. Nudibranchs.

We explored the Creator's selection of mollusks!

God created these creatures to clean up the waters in the ocean. They take in many bacteria and other unhealthy or unclean products and filter them out of the water to help clean the ocean. God said they (along with other creatures in the sea that do not have fins and scales, including crabs and lobsters) are "unclean" (see Lev. 11 and Deut. 14) and are not fit for human consumption. Reading this chapter helped us to understand why. (ew)

Notebooking pages on bivalves and gastropods and some of the interesting things we learned about them:


Resonance Experiment


We learned what causes the humming sound that comes from inside, when you put your ear up to a seashell. What we are hearing is the air inside the shell vibrating. The molecules in the air are bouncing against the outside of the shell making it vibrate. The air on the outside causes the air inside to vibrate also. We call this resonance. We made our own resonance using different sized bottles instead of sea shells. We learned that the size and shape of the bottle affected the sound. Bigger bottles produced a deep sound and the smaller bottle was higher pitched.

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