E-Homeschooling: Embracing the E-Book Revolution

Just passing along TOS's newest (and free!) e-book called E-Homeschooling: Embracing the E-book Revolution ~ if you are interested in learning more about the E-book revolution, this book will help answer the following questions:
  • Why should I buy E-Books and what are their unique benefits?
  • How can I use E-Books with homeschooling?
  • How am I supposed to read them?
  • Can I get help creating my virtual bookshelf?
  • What can you tell me about storing E-Books on my computer?
  • What are some great organizing tips for E-Books?
  • Can you give me a lot of suggestions and ideas that I can actually use?
  • What can I learn about the E-Book market and The Old Schoolhouse®?
  • What do I need to know to publish my own E-Books?
  • What are some of the legal issues in electronic publishing that I need to know about?
  • and so much more!
"Whether you’ve wondered about E-Books, or are already addicted to them as an incredible resource, or would like more information to even write and publish your own E-Book, you’ll be delighted by the wealth of information provided."
Here’s what Heidi Strawser, E-Book Reviews Specialist and Special Projects Manager for TOS, has to say about it:
“E-Homeschooling: Embracing the E-Book Revolution is the most all-inclusive ‘book about E-Books’ that I have ever seen (and I’m not just saying that because I had a part in writing it)! As the E-Book Reviews Specialist for the Schoolhouse Store, I see a lot of E-Books cross my path each week. Even I was impressed with the ideas and suggestions that are presented here. One of the most valuable aspects of this E-Book, in my opinion, is the legal portion written by TOS’s own legal consultant, Susan Spann. This portion is well-written and informative; and a great place for new E-Book writers to begin. From there, I’d encourage writers to check out my article for all the things we are looking at when screening E-Books for sale in our store. I think you’ll be encouraged to start writing! If not, at least you’ll learn more about E-Books, their value in today’s homeschooling arena, and how you can benefit from them.”
I am new to the e-book revolution. I have always preferred to have a printed copy in hand, but since becoming a member of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Blog Crew, they are inching their way into my homeschool more and more! I found this book to be helpful in a lot of ways. A few things that stuck out to me were all the suggestions on writing and publishing e-books. My husband has a children's book series that he is writing, and I would love to be able to help him publish these someday! This e-book has a lot of helpful suggestions and gave me an idea of where to go from here. Another thing that I like is the explanation of the benefits of using them in your homeschool and practical tips on how to use them. You can get your free ($14.95 value) copy here!

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Kathy said...

Michelle, I have one e-book on file that I rarely read I hate to say. It's hard for me to spend more time than I already do at the computer, but I can certainly see its benefit as well.

I hope that Children's book series comes out soon! How wonderful!

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