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Tot School
~Eliana is 2 1/2 years~
We have really been enjoying the online books that I mention here. Eliana loves to sit and listen to the books being read aloud. She has several favorites that she reads often. She is counting, pointing out letters, filling in rhyming words, learning lessons and more! Here are a few other things we have been up to: We made window finger paint with Malachi for his "w" lesson. You can see what we did and read the recipe we used here!
I loved letting this be an open ended art activity and they loved writing on the big picture window! I "attended" the HOTM Online Conference this past week, so while I listened in this week, I had several projects going on in the kitchen. One day I canned butter. {You can see what a good helper Eliana was for me here!} We also made cherry jam. {You can read more about that here!} Eliana l.o.v.e.s. sweet cherries! Can you tell?
{This last one cracks me up! Sheer bliss!}
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Susana said...

I still need to check out these online books! Thanks for the reminder!

I LOVE the expressions on her face while she is eating the cherries and the watermelons--pictures like this are priceless:-).

Raising a Happy Child said...

Sweet pictures. You had a lot of life school happening this week!

Michelle said...

Those finger paints look like a lot of fun!

jd6405 said...

Love the ebooks! Thank you for posting about these!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

She looks absolutely blissful in that last pictures - those must've been some GREAT cherries! And I really like the window painting idea!

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