Tot School ~ Waiting Patiently and Some Letter I Fun


Tot School
~Eliana is 31 Months~

Eliana's carrots (that we planted here) are doing great! Soon she will be able to pick some!

Looking for carrots!

The rest of out Tot Time was combined with Malachi's preschool activities centered around the letter "Ii." (You can read more about what we did for /Ii/ here!)

Insect Ice Treasures from Malachi's "Ii" lesson.

Ink "Ii's" - She's asking if this is a big I.

See what else we have done for Tot School here and see what others are doing for Tot School here!


Susana said...

Bless her heart, Michelle! She is so cute and so sweet in each of these pictures.

My two favorites, the adorable "hair-do" in her carrot garden and sharing the Italian Cream Soda with Malachi:-).

Rebecca said...

I agree, she is just a doll!

Our Little Family said...

What a fabulous blog, full of ideas!! I love the interest she has in her garden. My husband just recently cleared out QUITE a big space for Maddie and me to start our own garden and I'm just waiting for it to cool down outside so we can dig in (literally! Ha).

Great week!

Jolanthe said...

How fun!! :) Love that giant ice cube!! :)

And I really need to get my stamps out for the kids....

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I love how she is really into the garden - that's great!

Kellie said...

I love italian cream sodas! Yum! She is really cute!

Nicki said...

MMMMM Italian creme sodas! How did you make them? With half n half and Torani syrup? I haven't made one in so long!

ScrappinAway said...

I like the garden pic! We started a small one this year and I see that you separated each plant, I really wished I had done that because my herbs want to grow on top of each other, ha! Thanks for the pic so I can try that tip next year!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Eliana is such a gorgeous girl. I loved all the pictures where she works with her big brother - they seem so close.

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