Rain Gutter Bookshelves {Up Again}

We have had some sort of rain gutter book shelf system in each of our homes over the last 6 years. Here they are in our last house.

In our first home together, we just had one long gutter shelf under the window and I painted grass, blue sky and clouds and decopauged Eric Carle's The Very Quiet Cricket on the wall. (My kids have fond memories of that).

It has taken me awhile to really move into our house since we renovated it last fall. I patched so many holes that I didn't want to create ANY more.

Well, I finally decided to make a few holes. {I do know how to repair them after all}

I couldn't find one of the gutters, so I only hung 3. (I later found it in the boys' room being used to launch matchbox cars and will add it later). I also had to replace the lost brackets. I use the rain gutter and the hanging brackets and don't bother with the end caps. (This saves money as the expense can add up).

Seeing the cover of a book invites a child to read it and even the youngest of children can put books away on their own.

At bedtime one night, I asked Elli to go pick out some books for me to read to her . . .

And found her reading on her own instead.

While I was at it, I rearranged and organized the play room.

I added a bean bag, 2 student desks, a reading lamp and organized the closet. A keyboard sits under the window next to the desk. I am trying to decide if I want to hang the alphabet chart on the wall.

Mali and Elli's toys are kept in this closet.


The Road Less Traveled said...

Oh I like the look of those...hey will you come over and help organize our bookshelves

MrsMagoo said...

THAT LOOKS AMAZING!!!! You have done a fantastic job. Your room looks so inviting,I just want to lay down on that carpet and read a book myself!! I have been looking everywhere in Australia for the plastic gutting like that, but it is so hard to find. After seeing this i will pullout all stops to find them.

Jackie said...

We have been enjoying our rain gutter bookshelf. I really like your set-up. I never thought of not adding the end caps. That would save money.

Kathy said...

Books are wonderful, and you've found a great way to make us want to grab the one WE saw and read it! : )

Janet (Latte Lady) said...

That is so inspiring! I love to organize and since the move, I have plenty of that to do!

I love how the shelves keep the books "out there" for all to see and read!


Rebecca said...

I have seen the rain gutter bookshelves and i love them! But yours look the best and now i again want to do them.

Andi said...

Chel -
I am so - oh I could squeeze you! It looks wonderful, I had Dallas read this one, she says the play room looks great with all the books...great job!

Michelle said...

roflol ~ Dallas remembers what it looked like when she was here last. *Ü*

LivinginLilliput said...

That looks great Chel! great job mama!!

Kathy said...

Michelle, I have left an award for you at my blog. I would be so honored if you would "come and get it!"

Janet (Latte Lady) said...

I have a question:

What kind of Bible do you use?

Thank you,


The Unsell Family said...

I love this idea! I had heard of these but seeing your pictures makes me want to have some of my own!

Leslie said...

Your pictures are inspiring! I'm not sure where I'd put any, but seeing this makes me want to try to find a place. :-) Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

The before picture looked hard to move around and have fun, but the after picture lookes like it would be fun and now it will be the most enjoyable room in the house!

Nathan said...

The before picture looked messy and out of place.Now it will be so enjoyable to be there,In the after picture it lookes realy enjoyable!!! It lookes so clean and tidy and what kid would not want to play in a clean playroom?

Unknown said...

Hi, can you say something more about the fixings please. I'm not at all experienced in DIY and I don't know what invisible brackets look like! Thanks

Michelle said...

They are basically just U shaped plastic gutter clips that go under the gutter - they actually slide in. If you go to Home Depot, they will show you exactly what they are. :)

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