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Muffin Tin Monday ~ Letter C

It's Muffin Tin Monday, no theme, not much in the fridge and no bright ideas.
My first idea: Fallout.  You know, whatever happens to fall out of the fridge (ie leftovers). But, as I was chopping veggies, I came up with a much better idea!
A "Letter C" theme to wrap up our preschool lesson on the letter C. 
I had a package of Hebrew National hot dogs leftover from camping, a half eaten bag of organic corn tortilla chips, a huge bag of organic carrots that is taking us forever to eat and some organic celery leftover from our celery caterpillars we made last week (yes, I will be posting our preschool lesson soon!) and chunk of  cheese (colby-jack, nonetheless!) waiting to be eaten. Ha! Then I realized that they all begin with C. So, I threw some homemade cookie dough from the freezer into the oven and voila - a C theme! I must say, I was rather happy with myself. :-)
The mini corn dogs were a hit, so I'll share how I made them:
3/4 c. organic corn flour (you can use corn meal)
3/4 c. whole wheat flour 
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking powder (I use Rumford's aluminum free)
1 egg
2/3 c. milk
Mix dry ingredients, then add egg and milk. Let sit for a few minutes. Then dip hot dog pieces in the batter and fry in oil. Serve with a toothpick for a miniature corndog!
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Michelle said...

What a great tin!! I love the mini-corn dogs idea...thanks for including the recipe.

ImogenSky said...

I really love what you did for the letter C!

BranFlakes said...

Great Cc tin!

Susana said...

I was hoping you'd join in again! I love the cheese circles! Yummy lunch. Looks like the kids thought so too:-)!

Angela Maggard said...

Love the way you threw that all together! Thanks for the awesome recipe too! I have heard about those hotdogs at Weight Watchers! I need to try them! :)

Holly@MotherIsNotConcerned said...

Thanks for the recipe!

Michelle Sybert said...

mmmmmm, mini corn dogs! yum!

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