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Tot School ~ Dig, Scoop, Pour, Explore, Match, Cut, Sort

~Eliana is 28 months~
Here is what we did last week!
Bird Seed Dig, Scoop, Pour and Explore
This has been a favorite activity with all my kids. I used wild bird seed this time, and it made for an interesting feel. We played this while camping last weekend. We played Hide and Seek with some of her toys too, and she enjoyed that. I love using bird seed as an alternative to sand play, because the birds can eat up all the seed that falls out! The seed will actually sprout and grow, so keep that in mind if you try this!
Color Matching and Sorting
We played Hi-Ho Cherry O with Malachi for letter H activities. Elli's job was to sort the berries and match them to their bucket. Then we worked on learning how to work the spinner, counting berries, and taking turns! The later of which we need to work more on.
I miss my trays! One broke and I cannot find the other. I really miss the defined play space. But, she was good to keep the scraps on the table in one place!
Bead Sorting
She sorted the beads in the tray by color then she mixed them up and played.
Transferring and Spooning
She was so cute, looking at me to make sure she was doing it right! I made sure to encourage her and ask her what she thought instead of telling her what was right. As soon as she made her decision I praised her efforts. Her focus on this tray was to just transfer with the tongs and spoon and put them in the tray and of course just explore with the materials.
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