A Very Hungry Caterpillar Tot School

Tot School
~Eliana is 29 months old~
We have been reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar for Tot School and Preschool. Since Mali is learning about the the Letter C I focused on caterpillars with him and butterflies with Elli (a few things are cross posted).

Our library did not have this book available, so I bought it from our local book store. Since they gift wrap for free, I thought it would be fun to surprise Elli and Mali.

It was cute watching them open it up. (They don't often get wrapped gifts - I just don't think about it).
So, we read the book . . . many times. The book came with a CD of Eric Carle reading the book, so we also listened to the CD and acted out the story using a caterpillar that I made with pipe cleaners. It was fun poking the caterpillar through the holes as we read the book.

And here are some of the activities we did this week:

Butterfly Sequencing

Elli did this butterfly sequencing activity from Carisa's The Very Hungry Caterpillar Tot Book/Activity Pack.

Purple Handprints
This activity was to allow her some free hand painting fun before making our next activity . . .

Handprint Butterfly
I helped Elli make this handprint butterfly by positioning her hands for her. We used circles (letter C activity from Mali's lesson) for the body and I drew the eyes and antennae.

Pompom Tray
Elli likes this tray and requested it again. :-)

A Very Hungry Caterpillar Lunch

A VHC Muffin Tin, Celery Caterpillars on a leaf, and Butterfly sandwiches.

 Market Shopping
We played "Going to the Market" in preparation for our picnic.

Play Picnic

I got this cute picnic basket at Target months ago and have been saving it to go along with this lesson. I had been wanting a new tea set for her that was not breakable (like the ceramic one she has), but not plastic, and this is the perfect little tin set. I love it and she asks for it everyday, so I think she likes it too.

She even did a great job folding up the napkins to put them away.

A Very Hungry Caterpillar Picnic

A real picnic with many of the foods from the book, plus a cucumber caterpillar. We listened to the CD during our picnic and it made for a special lunch.

My Little Butterfly

She wore this several days in a row and pretended to be a butterfly, jumping off the couch pillows.
Color Mixing Lab
This was an activity from Mali's preschool lesson. She really enjoyed this!
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  1. The caterpillar picnic is awesome! She looks so girly, too with all of her baskets and pink things. OH, the butterfly sandwich from Preschool Corner post is such a great idea!! Thank you so much for sharing all of these!

  2. What wonderful activities. Very creative:)

  3. Cute Activities! We just went back to school today after a two week break. What a celebration it was for us.

  4. Ok ... that was just way too cute and as Auntie Lizzy I must have a copy of Eli in her butterfly outfit and if you have an extra copy of the butterfly handprint, they need to go together in a frame hanging on my wall!!! That is priceless!!!:)

  5. That caterpillar picnic looks so yummy! What a fun way to extend the book so much further.

  6. We are so pleased to have found your site. These activities look so much fun! The picnic looks wonderful! :)