Square Foot Gardening

We have been square foot gardening for the last two summers and this year is no exception. However since we moved, we have to start over.  So, I thought I would share how we are using the SFG concept from Mel Barthalowmew's book, All New Square Foot Gardening.  If you are new to square foot gardening check out Mel's website here.  It is a fabulous way to grow more in less space, and less work (not that I mind work, but I have plenty of it already)!

First, we reassembled our boxes and made some Mel's Mix

We rolled it on a large tarp to mix it and then the boys mixed it up more with shovels. Once mixed, we added it to our 4x4 boxes that are lined with weed block (which means very little weeds to pull).


I cover my boxes with hay to keep the cats out and the watering down. 

I added c-shaped brackets inside each corner and slip 1" pvc pipes into them for an instant greenhouse (my tomatoes are going in there). 

The next box I did was for these:

Aren't those some wild roots? These are organic potatoes that I have been saving for seed. I sat on the back porch and cut them with the help of a friend while we visited. :-)  I left them overnight to create a skin on them, so they would not rot in the ground. 

And this is where I planted them:

I laid a thin layer of soil mix over them and then piled some hay on top. Last year, I alternated layers of soil and hay.  This year I am going to try to hill them up with hay only. I added a second 4x4 box on top so they can grow higher (and produce more potatoes).  

My boxes are not pretty.  I would love to paint them white and add the grid - I did last year and this is considered a must do, but I am late getting started!  

I have two 4x20 boxes to finish and plant and some container gardens started. For now, that is the progress we have made.  My goal is to get everything planted and charted (so I don't forget) and pull out my frames for some vertical gardening! 


  1. Yay for square foot gardening! I found this book just as I was starting my garden, so I wasn't able to implement everything, but the idea has revolutionized my gardening. Do you find that mel's mix really does make a difference?

  2. This is wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing this! I will HAVE to show this to my dad. It's too late for this year, but he will be excited to try this next year! I can't tell you how much I love this--and love seeing that you put your boys to work helping:-)!