Soccer Camp

~Malachi is 4 years 4 months~
This week Mali attended his first Y soccer camp.  He was the youngest in the camp (the divisions are K/1 and up to junior high).  He attended Challenger Soccer Camp last summer and handles the ball well, so Luke thought he would be just fine.  He has the skill to be involved, but had a hard time staying focused for so long. . . 
Here he is taking a water break.
One of their drills was to do different movements like jump down, turn around and kick the ball when his coach called "target." They had fun with this game. 
Of course, the end is always fun because they get a snack. 
This morning after camp, we went to the fountains at a neighboring park and I let Mali and Elli play.  It was nice to be there so early! We had the whole fountain for ourselves for a whole 5 minutes before people started showing up! It was a spur of the moment trip, so no pics. That's ok, though. There will be plenty of more fountain pic opportunities (we are so close to the park) and it actually feels like Summer in Wyoming!
Next week we are hoping to jump back in with the letter L!


  1. He is great to participate so well in soccer camp! My Joe is often on the shy side, has the skill, just needs to build the confidence I guess? Hmmm, hope that doesn't reflect on my parenting skills....Looks like he had a blast, bless his heart!

  2. Soccer camp looks like it was a lot of fun! Zachary would probably love that too!

    Enjoy the weather!