Wild Spinach

Its official name is Chenopodium album, but it is more commonly known as lambs quarters or goosefoot and is considered a WEED by most people, but this weed is edible and is growing in my strawberry patch.

I discovered you can use it just like you would spinach:

  • Raw

  • Steamed

  • Sautéed

  • In soups and other recipes

  • Frozen - freeze it by boiling in water for one minute, cooling it and then freezing

  • Dried - dry it in an oven or dehydrator then add to your favorite spinach recipe

When collecting goosefoot, you should only gather it from places that you know are clean and free of fertilizers and pesticides.  Avoid roadsides and other industrialized areas.  Your back yard or field would be a good choice. Goosefoot can accumulate nitrites from contaminated water, so only collect from places that are safe.

I love steaming swiss chard and decided to fix this the same way.

I washed the leaves in some vinegar water and then steamed them.  To serve, I added a little butter, raw apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. 

It was good and my husband had no idea it was a weed.  :-)


  1. I love learning about edible wild stuff. And non-edible too! Cool blog - I'm following it now to learn more. :-)

  2. im impessed, so..Luke did'nt know you were serving up weeds...made me laugh and a mental note to ask before I eat:)How did you ID that in your strawberry bed? Oma would be impressed!

  3. Ha ha! I started a wild edible field guide for homeschool last year with the boys. I went on a walk with a knowledgeable friend and saved plants by pressing them. Then researched them. Is that you Liz? :-)