Fall Nature Walk

Instead of doing a science experiment for our row of When I Was Young in the Mountains, I decided we would go on a fall nature walk instead. Me, home alone with just the 3 little ones will do that to me. If I stay home, I get very little done (and the house gets messier), but if I go, we get fresh air, exercise and a chance to witness the beauty of Father's creation. . . and I get a chance to witness the natural curiosity of my little ones.  I'll share more pics in our row, but here we are nearing the end of our walk at the park by our house.  


I ♥ this!

Love those smiles!

He's a climber. 

He has good examples to follow. ;-) 

I took his socks off so he could grip the slide better. 

Bo's new favorite past time - blowing spit bubbles. he he. 

Checking out Malachi's Natural Loot

Yes, he is barefoot and in pajama bottoms. =) 

I mentioned this on my learning blog, but one of the reasons I take so many pictures is because it helps me not only document these precious and oh, so fleeting moments but that it helps me to REVEL in the moment! Time stands still in my camera! 

When Jordan was born, the best advice I was given was to revel in the moment because they grow so fast. So, I studied every little feature on that baby boy. I even measured how he fit in my arms - how his little body fit across me perfectly while nursing him, with his little legs dangling off to the side. Bo reminds me so much of Jordan as a baby that it is surreal. It has made me realize how very fleeting this life is. . . and I'd like to capture as many of these moments as I can, document them, and live fully in each moment that Father gives me.  I feel so blessed to be a mama to six children and have a man after Father's own heart as my husband.

It was a beautiful fall day!