Homestead Update {Fall 2011}

On a hike with Luke, Bo and Elli. . . 

It was a little cold and windy, so we didn't make it far. 

Later, Jordan got the motorhome running. I told him to bring the new battery from the Chevy 1-Ton to see if it is a battery problem. . . and it started!  Then the idea hit me! to bring back the motorhome for a project for Jordan. He needs a project to keep him busy. He's been a little down since he got his Dodge 1-ton running and he hasn't had a "project". . . this boys needs to be active in a sport or working on a project! Luke agreed and they left his truck up there and drove the motorhome home yesterday. (We will go back up to get his truck in a week or 2). 

Jordan with "Earl" as we call it. 

We drove the motorhome down the road to make sure it would drive okay but didn't make it far -- there was a tree down on the road. Jordan took Luke's truck to pull it off the road. 

There were lots more trees that have fallen. Some big ones too. All dead, all that need to be removed, but the property is a mess of fallen trees. 

The wood pile is growing, though. 

And the area around the house is being cleared. Here is a triangular section between the main road and the driveway:

Property Marker - bottom right corner. 

I LOVE that there are baby trees that are living - gives me hope, but oh, how overwhelming all that needs done is. You can see the dead trees down the road in the pic. 

It was so nice to have the wood stove going -- it was so warm and cozy. I also made cornbread and pinto beans using the cook stove for the first time -- for our row of When I Was Young in the Mountains.

I will share more in my row on my learning blog, but it was a special time of recalling all of our special memories of when we were here. . . because Luke and I decided that we would put it on the market this Spring. . . and see what Father has planned for us next. If that is indeed His will. . .time will tell! If it sells we will know! If not, then plan B - put in a cistern and keep plugging along. What we would really like to do is get something a little closer to home. Why? For one, it is a three hour drive - gas prices and the distance puts a traveling and financial burden on our family (especially with little ones). There is just so much that needs done up there - Luke has a vision and can see through all of that - it is harder for me - I see a beautiful house that I will never live in. Plus, we have so much to do here where we are and if we put in too much time up there, our home here suffers. Two, we don't have the resources or skill on our own to do much of what needs done. So we'd like to sell our home and 22 acres and look for an older (70's) home with at least 2 acres.

Luke wants to finish sheet-rocking the house, get it tape and textured and ready for paint and flooring - we hope that this will be a selling point - that the new owner can choose their paint colors and flooring.

Jordan is off to a good start on the motorhome. I took these photos this morning:

He had already pulled the carpet out (to be replaced with tile) and removed the part of the roof that has water damage from a leaking roof. 

I am excited about getting the motorhome fixed up! More excited that Jordan has a project to keep him happy. =)