What I Love About You {11 Months}

Bo, I Love. . .

  • when you hum while nursing. I noticed you do this when you are especially tired and fighting sleep. I can tell you are almost asleep when you stop humming. =) 11.4.11

  • your busy little hands while nursing - always grabbing something. I have to hold your hands still so you don't pinch me (cuz, it really hurts!). 11.5.11

  • how you bounced on your little knees and put your hand to your mouth when you slammed your finger in the closet door. Poor baby - but love how you communicated that you hurt your finger. 11.6.11

  • that you put the cell phone to your ear - you usually chew on it and play with it, but have never "used" it! 11.7.11

  • how well you can get off the couch by turning onto your tummy now! 11.7.11

  • how you walk along the walls now.  

  • how soon you will be walking. 

  • how you growled at sissy today.  She bugs you at times - she does little things like holding onto your foot so you can't crawl away. She loves to play with you too much. 11.7.11

  • how you amuse me. Your fish kiss lips make me laugh.  

  • that you are taking a few steps walking - mostly between furniture or people. 11.9.11

  • that you know what "kaka" means now. I told you kaka when you picked up a piece of a foil wrapper and you tried to put it in my mouth instead - ha ha, figured you'd test it out on me first. This morning you put baking soda scrub (baking soda and water) in your mouth - and leaned that THAT was kaka. 11.9.11

  • you busy playing in the kitchen cupboards. 

  • that you walked - on your OWN today! 10 steps at least!!! (About 5 feet!) 11.11.11 {10.5 months today!|}

  • what a big helper you are in the kitchen. 11.12.11

  • every minute of your big, open-mouthed, slobbery kisses! Tonight after nursing you in the recliner, you crawled up to my face and smothered me with kisses ♥ 11.14.11

  • how you danced to the Monk theme song today.  You were so cute bopping up and down to the music. 11.14.11

  • have I mentioned that you are climbing ANYthing you can reach? 11.19.11

  • how sweet you are playing with your Digger Truck and the way your hair falls across your forehead when I comb it (you are ready for your first haircut!). 11.15.11 

  • how your hair can be curly one day and straight the next. 


  • that I haven't forgotten your due date 11.22.11

  • that on the 11th month you will be 11 months. . . and that in ONE month you will be one YEAR old! I know next month I will be wondering where this year went, and I will be so grateful for each and every What I Love About You post! Because there is so much that I love about you that I don't EVER want to forget! 11.25.11

  • how much I love you! 

Bo's "I want that" reach.

Daddy loves you too, Boaz. =)

Tired boy.

Night, night Bo. Love you.