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I'm pleased to be able to share We Choose Virtues with you, but first a confession. . .

I am not really ready to write this review! I've been using the product long enough to share it with you, but I'm afraid that once I write my review, I won't make time for this wonderful product!

I was pondering my dilemma yesterday on a road trip (Virtue cards in hand) and came up with a wonderful idea. I am very good about tying supplements into my beloved Five in a Row, and after being able to tie in the Content card with our row of When I Was Young in the Mountains, I was inspired!

I'll share more about We Choose Virtues and then explain.

I reviewed the Teacher’s Virtue Cards for families.

Each virtue has an "I am" statement - NOT what I hope to be, but what I AM. This speaks LIFE!

Then it includes a catchphrase - this is a positive, practical and precise action statement that is the heart of this system.  You can see the catchphrase on the "I am Content" card above - 'I have my "wanter" under control.' I love how practical this is - it is positive and gives us a practical way to apply this virtue.

Then it includes the antonym - the opposite of what I want to be. "I am NOT. . . bored, greedy or always wanting more and I don't beg or whine." I've used this to teach and correct many times during the past few weeks!

Finally, we have a biblical example of the virtue. On this card, it is Psalm 131:2.

And that is JUST the FRONT of the card!

The back is just as awesome. . .

I love the teachable moments. They offer practical challenges, games and ideas for teaching virtue.  

While rowing When I Was Young in the Mountains, I had my little ones practice being content by playing with a small toy. They had to do three things. 1) Be content with the toy they were given. 2) Be content playing alone. 3) Stretch their contentment until a timer goes off. They needed to be truly happy and not complain. Now, this is not hard for my little ones!  They get this quality from their dad - as a child he could "play" with a bowl of popcorn and be content. (Just imagine him lining up the popcorn to create the frontline of the calvary!)  My children have this wonderful gift of imagination and have no trouble playing at all. 

But, one little boy has been struggling with wanting to stop playing to do his school ~ and would whine and complain about it.  So. . .

I had him practice being content while working on his school. It wasn't easy - we had lots of tears at first. It took several lessons, but using the catchphrase and antonym statements were a huge help!

So,  I was inspired see how many of the virtues I could match up from the Teacher’s Virtue Cards with books we are rowing. It was EASY! 

Here are a few examples that I thought of for upcoming rows and the virtues for each: 
  • Cranberry Thanksgiving ~ "I am Honest: I am a truth teller. I am NOT. . . a liar, a thief or a cheater. . ." OR "I am Kind: I treat others the way I like to be treated. . . " OR "I am forgiving. . ."
  • Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel ~ "I am Diligent: I start fast, work hard and finish strong. I am NOT. . . slow to get started or lazy and I don't quit early!" OR "I am Perseverant: I can do it even when it's tough. . ."
I know there will be more opportunities to tie in the virtues with books we read, movies we watch and even everyday life. But, it will be so neat to be able to tie these into our rows. =) 

The cards are glossy cardstock, but I laminated mine to keep them nice and hole punched the corner to keep them together. I hang them on my peg board right above my workspace. 

I also reviewed the Kids Virtue Poster

I keep this displayed on our cork board in the school room (aka the dining room). I am not doing anything with the poster, but it is there for the children to read and for a reminder for me to not only reinforce these virtues in my children, but to model these virtues myself!

We Choose Virtues also offers a printable Student Character Assessment to use as an assessment and progress tool.  

If you order, be sure to use promo-code VIRTUE15 for 15% off your order! 

We Choose Virtues would like to offer one of my readers a chance to win the Teacher’s Virtue Cards for families and Kids Virtue Poster!  {Giveaway has ended. Thanks to all who entered!}

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