Three Names {FI♥AR} and 100th Day Celebration

Through Grandfather's bright memories, we get a picture of prairie life and what is was like going to school in a one-room schoolhouse in Three Names

Social Studies: Prairie Life, Field Trip to Wyoming Game and Fish; History: Past/Present

On the Prairie

Jordan needed a new Hunter's Safety card, so we tagged along with him to the Game & Fish to see the Grassland Prairie display. (We went 2 years ago when we studied habitat)
Grassland Prairies of Wyoming

Prairie Dog

Sage Grouse

Prairie Grasses, Tumbleweeds and Native Animals

Prairie Fences {good for catching tumbleweeds and keeping rangeland animals in}.

Past and Present

This activity was a little confusing to Malachi. Everything but the wagon and sleigh are familiar to him. We use many of the "past" things now, including heating and cooking with a wood cook stove, lighting with candles, etc. at our off-grid home. ;-) I told him to pretend we only have our home here in Wyoming and that helped. =) 

Language Arts:  Interesting Title, Prairie Vocabulary, Simile, Hyperbole

On of the manual lessons was to create an interesting title. The title Three Names doesn't seem to fit this book, so I was glad for this lesson! We came up with Prairie Country School and Little School House on the Prairie (not very original, I know!). 

Science: Tornados and Emergency Survival

We used the book Wild, Wet and Windy and the Ready Kids site to learn about tornados.

There are tornados on the prairie, of course, especially in Tornado Alley. We have had a few tornados in Wyoming. The closest one to home was one that happened up on the mountain and one in my home town in MT - that one hit close to "home" - I grew up in the neighborhood that it hit. We really don't worry about tornadoes here, though.

In our parts, our main concern is a severe winter storm.  If we are expecting a storm, the stores are packed with people buying food and supplies.  We keep a food and water storage, supplies and an alternate source of heat (kerosene heater) and cooking (propane BBQ with a burner) on hand in case of an emergency. One winter, we came home to a broken thermostat (on a newly built house) and it was COLD. The kerosene heater was such a blessing! So, it pays to be prepared! It took 3 gallons of kerosene to keep us warm for one night, so I bought 2 - 50 gallon containers of kerosene to store.

I recently bought 2 new 7 gallon water containers so we are up to 32 gallons of stored water which is only 4 gallons of water per person or 2 gallons a day for 2 days.  We take about 27 gallons to the property (21 washing and cooking, 5 gallons drinking water plus a case of water bottles) and that lasts us several days. We have a Berkey filter, so could purify melted snow, rain water or creek water (the creek is about 100 feet from our home). We have some rain barrels out back that need cleaned out and set up for a rainwater catch. It's on the long list of things to do!

We have some LED flashlights and batteries (gotta love Costco for batteries). We also have a couple solar powered flashlights, emergency candles and wax for making more.

We also brought our motorhome home from our mountain property and that has a water tank, plus more propane heat, cooking, refrigeration and sanitation (we also have what Jordan calls a Thunder Mug - a traveling potty).  Jordan is working on fixing the motorhome up (it's been parked in the mountains for 2 years, and the roof leaked so it has some water damage - we're replacing the flooring, and a part of the roof). I'm thinking it would be a nice retreat (with wifi!), guest house, or college dorm room for my oldest when the time comes. ;-)

You never know when you might find yourself in an emergency ~ so it is important to be prepared! Do you prepare?

Malachi and I put together a travel emergency kit for the suburban (tarp and hatchet not pictured).

We also plan to make an insulated heating can. . . as soon as I find the large can I was saving for this. Basically, you put a roll of toilet paper with a fuel in a small can, put that inside a larger coffee can and then spray insulation foam around the small can. . .so that the outside can is not too hot to hold - but will warm hands and heat a small enclosed area, like a car in a snowstorm. I have smaller homemade heating cans in the kit already. We travel a lot in the winter, so this is a necessity.  We always travel with food and wool blankets, a shovel and a piece of carpet for traction if we get stuck, among other things as well.

We did a preparedness study called Prepare and Pray and share more preparedness stuff that we have done in the past. I have the sequel, Blessed Assurance, and will consider doing it one day. . .maybe when Mali and Elli are a little older. 

Math: Ordinal Numbers and 100th Day of School Celebration!

100th Day of School Celebration

I started Mali on 1st grade after he turned 6 and Elli on preschool after she turned 4. They both have winter birthdays exactly a month apart, so their school year is different than my older boys who follow a traditional school year. 

Happy 100th Day Crowns

100's Silly Specs

100's Paper Chain
This idea came from the book ~ they had a colorful paper chain in the one room school house for holiday celebrations. 

100th Day Trail Mix
Pick 10 pieces from each container for a total of 100 pieces. 

100 Steps Activity - we are 100 big steps to the Y and the library. =) 

If I had a hundred. . . 

100 Roll Tally Graph

Ready for our party! 

Five in a Row Recipe: Three Names and Grandfather's Roasted Potatoes With Butter

Three Names is a Five in a Row selection from Volume 2.

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  1. any chance you have a copy of the past vs present worksheet? I can't find it online anywhere.

    1. It must have been a Homeschool Share file. I believe they took down that FIAR file, bummer. Sorry.