Nathan {13 Years}

Nathan, I Love. . .

  • what an AMAZING helper you are and what a blessing you are to our whole family!

  • can I say it again? You are an AMAZING helper! LOVE how you say, "You got me" when you know I need help.  You don't have to be asked and you don't have to be told.

  • how dependable, diligent, perseverant, self-controlled, and HELPFUL you are! 

  • your messy hair and how Jordan gives you a hard time for not combing it after a shower - love how it curls.

  • how you love to be home. . . when you are not playing soccer.  You are the first one out the door and always early to a practice or game, but you are also always the first one home.

  • how energetic, dynamic, vital and spirited you are on the field.  

  • how I can count on you to do your school and not give me a hard time.

  • how good you are with Mali, Elli and Bo - you have a way of motivating them and making it fun.

  • your smile and sense of humor - your coming of age years has been a breeze. Sure, we've had our moments, but you are quick on the rebound to turn it around - you are a hard worker and you value and deserve the privileges you get because of it.  

Your life at 13 is. . .

  • homeschool - 7th grade

  • loving Fred (pre-algebra math), that is until you got to Stoichiometry 

  • kitchen and dining room chores and helping with Bo

  • sports at the Y - coaching Itty Bitty soccer, playing youth soccer, adult soccer, dodgeball, floor hockey, and volleyball

  • playing soccer at the park with your brothers and Gabbie

  • practicing for the "Year of the Juggle" (a contest that Luke is putting on to encourage kids to learn to juggle the soccer ball to improve their foot skills)

  • chess club coming up soon

  • Wii sports - 2012 FIFA Soccer is your newest game from your dad

  • Amazon Prime 2 day shipping

  • iPod Touch technology. . . I must admit, it is pretty cool. 

  • little brother drawing pictures for you

Love the initials in the balloons. =) 

  • iTunes, music, Monk, Nintendo DS (gotta beat Dylan's record, I know) 

  • hunting with Pop and Grandpa L. 

  • mowing at Grandma and Papa's and hanging out 

Praying that blessings from our Heavenly Father above pour down on you this year and that you strive to walk in His ways this year and always!

Love you, Nathan!