When I Was Young in the Mountains

We began our row of When I Was Young in the Mountains during our recent trip to the homestead. Our property is located in the Beartooth Mountains, and since we are planning to put it on the market this spring, I had us all reminisce of our time when WE were young in the mountains.

When I was young in the mountains:

  • A snake came into our yard.  It crawled under the picnic table through the rocks, down to the creek bed and under a rock.  Jordan and Pop killed it with a maul (a type of ax).

  • We camped at Congregation Point and had a picnic with Mema and Popi.

  • We cut our first tree down with an ax (that was hard). 

  • We slept in our motor home until we built the house.

  • Aunt June and Uncle Charly came for two months to help us build our house. 

  • We walked 100 ft. to the motor home to use the bathroom once the house was built.

  • We packed our food in a cooler and hauled our drinking water from town.

  • We washed our hands in a bowl of soapy water.

  • We warmed our house with a wood cook stove and it was the warmest warm. 

  • We ran the generator to turn on the lights at night.

  • But we mostly lit the house with candles. 

  • We slept with a flashlight nearby.

  • We hauled water from the creek in milk jugs to water the trees and plants. 

  • I played with my toys in the rocks (Malachi). 

  • We picked up sticks and made a big pile at Congregation Point.

  • We drove Pop's truck up and down the dirt road learning to "drive."

  • We hiked to Zaceus' forest!

  • We built a fort on the hill.

  • We explored and looked for flowers and did a nature study.

  • Mommy made cornbread for the first time in the oven and boiled pinto beans on top.

  • We watched the stars at night.  We could always see them better in the mountains.

We've made some good memories.