My Life {11/18/11}

In my life this week. . . 

I cleaned my closet! I asked Luke what ONE thing I could do for him and he said my closet, lol. I filled a big trash bag with clothes to give away and one to throw away.

I had another repeat of my monkey bread experience except it was melted butter this time (someone was softening butter without a plate). We had to evacuate the house while the oven was self cleaning!

Wednesday, we got everyone dressed, packed and loaded up for the day for a 6 hour road trip. We made a trip to the property to drop the boys off (Luke, Jordan and Dylan). They will be bringing Luke's truck home. On our way home, we (myself, Nathan and the 3 youngest) had dinner at Qdoda, made a Costco run, stopped by Mike's and hit Target on the way out of town (bought four long sleeve shirts and two pairs of pants for Nathan).

Bo is strapped in, but that won't stop him from trying to get out! 

She loves to be silly for the camera. =)

We  Costco! Wish we lived closer.

Elli bought this doll with her own money on our trip. =)

Outside my window . . . 

We had our first real snow this week. Last night it rained (loved it) and snow soon followed. It is still snowing this morning! High 29, low 8 degrees.

In our homeschool this week. . .  

We read about the history of the first American thanksgiving and watched America: The Story of US ~ Episode 1: Rebels (from Jamestown to Plymouth) on Netflix  (Malachi watched all the way to Episode 5: The Civil War, on his own).  We also did a Thanksgiving theme pocket and a handprint craft. . . more to come soon on my learning blog. =)

Questions/Thoughts I have. . . 

Wondering how I can make these posts more relevant to Project Life. . . my ultimate goal with my blog is motivation, encouragement and a place to document our memories.

If I were to have you over in my home this week, I would offer you a cup of coffee (is decaf okay? It's organic water-processed decaf roasted locally!) with a generous splash of egg nog. . . mmm!

Things I'm working on. . . 

Putting together gift bags for my children for the next new moon, a few reviews, and Bo's 11 month post.

I'm baking . . . 

  • melted chocolate chip granola

  • chocolate chip cookies for the boys to take to the property (Luke's favorite)

  • monkey bread and challah rolls

I'm cooking . . . 

  • [Sunday] Turkey enchiladas

  • [Monday] Bean tostadas

  • [Tuesday] Baked potatoes with butter, sour cream and cheese

  • [Wednesday] Dinner at Qdoba ~ Vegetarian Burrito with pintos, cilantro-lime rice, pico, cheese, sour cream & guacamole. 

  • [Thursday] French dip with melted jack cheese on toasted sourdough

  • [Friday ~ Erev Shabbat] Spaghetti with garlic bread and fresh grated parmesan, green salad and strawberry shortcake for dessert {Nathan's choice}

For Sabbath:

  • Breakfast: granola

  • Lunch: Turkey sandwiches 

  • Snack: blueberries and cream

  • Dinner: Fallout {whatever falls out of the fridge} :D 

I am thankful for:

powdered whole eggs for baking (and that the chickens are almost done molting).

I'm praying for:

  • healing for little Boaz (he is doing much better!)

  • for me to be a good mom, wife and friend

  • safety for the boys at the property and safe travels

  • birthday blessings for Nathan

To love and to cherish. . . 

Handcrafted chocolates from my luv. 

I've asked my husband what ONE thing I can do for him while he was gone. He didn't answer - he said he would think about it.  He knows I will be busy while he is gone, but I'd like to surprise him by folding and putting away the laundry and maintaining the house. This means my time will be limited online, but I couldn't do what I do without his support when he is home! I'm missing him already. ♥

On the homestead. . . 

Boaz needs constant supervision at the property. 

Dylan does a good job with him. 

Luke built the chase around the stove pipe. 

The chase seals up the house, so we shouldn't have a problem with birds building nests in the insulation anymore (or bees either) . 

The sliding glass doors walk out to a future wrap-around deck. 

Master bedroom to the left has walk-in closet. There is also a closet to the left of the bedroom door.

The back door walks out to the hill currently (the cistern will most likely go behind the house in the hill. We plan to have a porch that connects to the wrap-around deck.

Looking at the stairs - laundry/utility room to the left, 2 bedrooms to the right. 

This room is designed to sleep 4 with bunk-beds built into the wall and a closet at the end of each unit.

With a generous amount of entry room and another closet behind me.  The 2nd bedroom is designed to sleep 2. 

Time to say goodbye. . . 

Daddy will miss you, Bo.  

He will miss us all - he loves to be with his family. =)