My Life {11/26/11}

In my life this week. . .

We had a busy, but full and blessed week. . . in school and life!

Outside my window. . .

Currently 8°

Monday ~ Partly sunny ~ H 35° L 17°

Tuesday ~ Partly sunny ~ H 44° L 26°

Wednesday ~ Partly sunny~ H 49° L 34°

Thursday ~ Cloudy ~ H 48° L 29°

Friday ~  Partly sunny ~H 41° L 20°

Saturday ~ Sunny ~H 37° L 37° 

Brr, it's cold. This old house is drafty and chilly. I like to keep my toes underneath the heater where I am sitting as I type. It is normally kept at 70 degrees, but I often crank the heat up to 73 to warm it up a little.


In our homeschool this week. . .

We are rowing Cranberry Thanksgiving.


More to come soon on my learning blog.

Questions/thoughts I have. . .

Wondering what my children want to remember about this time in their lives. . . I know what I want to remember, but have been wondering what they want to remember. . .

Here is what Jordan wants to remember about this week . . . (LOL)

His dream is to "spin cookies in a hay field". . . but an old back road will do. ;-)

Things I'm working on. . .

Project Life {got 8 months worth of journaling cards done this week, yay!},

 an I-Spy pillow for Eliana,


and gift bags for the new moon.


Around the house. . .

I thought about sticking these photos in Bo's album, but thought they should go in my Project Life album instead. . . 


I love how Bo fell asleep on Jordan's chest. He was so tired and fussy, but he let Jordan rock him to sleep. So sweet! 

I am thankful for. . .

my awesome husband. If he wasn't such a fabulous dad to my kids, I wouldn't want to have more kids with him. ;-)

From my luv. . .

Luke took me to a wine tasting ~ his idea.  I picked this bottle out - not too sweet, nor too dry. 1.23.11

Cordless Electric Tea Kettle and a Coffee Press 1.25.11

I've owned both before (when we lived in Ranchester) and don't know how I went so long without them! 

Luke and I have been having some good talks. I'm so thankful that he is my best friend and that we are walking this path together. 

I'm cooking. . .

  • [Monday] Tacos

  • [Tuesday] Bean tostadas

  • [Wednesday] Spaghetti

  • [Thursday] Fallout {shredded turkey with mayo and pickles on crackers, olives}

  • [Friday - Erev Shabbat] "Thanksgiving" dinner ~ turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, cream corn, dinner rolls, fruit salad and pumpkin pie

For Sabbath:

  • Breakfast: Cranberry bread and eggnog

  • Lunch and dinner: Turkey sandwiches with stuffing and cranberry relish, leftovers

  • Sabbath treat: Pumpkin pie with whipped cream (we were too full to eat dessert last night!)

I'm baking. . .

  • Cranberry Scones

  • Cranberry Bread (with chocolate chips and pecans)

  • Cast Iron Rolls

  • Pumpkin Pie

We had a lovely "thanksgiving" dinner! Here's a peak!


Fruit Salad

Herb and Citrus Turkey

Homemade Gravy

The older boys had dinner at their grandparents on Thursday, and we had our "thanksgiving" dinner for our Erev Shabbat (evening beginning Sabbath) meal.  We also celebrated the new moon this night. It was a wonderful family time! 

On the blog. . . 

As I was going through old posts for my Project Life album, I realized that I need to change things up a bit on my blog. The changes will be slight, so you probably won't notice. . . but they will be helpful to me as I use my blog to help me journal in my album. 

On another note, I enjoy these weekly posts  - I love recording some of these little moments, but I may go to a bi-weekly or monthly format instead, or else I'll never be able to catch up/keep up on my albums! I'll try it for the month of December to see how it goes.  =)