Project 52 {Week 11}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 11.

March 11th-17th.

This week. . .

  • is spring break! And the weather is beautiful! 

  • the boys (Luke, Nathan, Dylan, and Malachi) are working at the property. 

  • I am home with Elli, Bo and Jordan. 

  • Elli and I rowed The Red Carpet and did Sonlight P4/5 Week 9. 

I am . . . 

  • drinking: EmergenC, Elderberry and Vitamin Water (the later because it tastes good)

  • planning: to go for a few walks this week and spend time with the youngest two

  • hoping: to go up to the property at the end of the week (didn't make it)

  • reading: through the Bible - weeks 11 and 12, and the newest book by Frank Peretti, for review purposes.

  • organizing: the master closet 

  • decluttering: the linen closet - out with the old: sleeping bags, blankets, sheets, and pillow cases

  • watching: Hoarders with Jordan - makes me want to clean and de-clutter!

Sunday . . .

  • Jordan and I deep cleaned the living room, rearranged again and started on the mudroom. 

  • Bo took a long nap - he has a stuffy nose and is coming down with a cold. 

  • I had some nice one on one time with Elli while Bo took his nap. We had lunch together and did some Sonlight - started Week 9. 

  • Elli washed her bike. 

  • I organized my work table and worked on my Project Life album a little (I thought I would get lots done on it this week, but this was the only day I got anything done! Thought I would blog too, but didn't!)

Bo "dancing" to Kipper. 

 I needed to set Bo down for a minute, so I sat him with Elli and put Kipper on. He was so cute sitting there next to Elli and then he started kicking his legs and bouncing to the theme song. 

Monday. . . 

  • started our row of The Red Carpet

  • played Playmobil with Elli and Bo

  • started linen closet

  • Bo fussy - went down for an early nap - 10-12:30

  • bought new ink for printer

Bo's 18 month clothes

Bo - ready for a nap.

I attempted to do our narration for Papa Piccolo today, but I had a very giggly little girl! I LOVE her laugh!

Tuesday. . . 

  • watched Hoarders with Jordan

  • scrubbed/shined kitchen sink and counters, put appliances not in use away (coffee pot, french press and Vitamix dry blade container)

  • in school: finish Week 9 in Sonlight, read The Red Carpet (no activities today, but love that we got some reading in)

  • sick day (head cold and headache all day), Bo down for nap early again (11-2), took a nap with Elli while Jordan worked out at the Y, tried to nap while J was at practice

[no pics] 

Wednesday. . .

  • cleaned bathroom, J worked on mudroom

  • Bo napped from 12:30-3:30

  • made play dough with Elli for a Sonlight activity

  • did Red Carpet activities

  • cooked chicken and made stock for chicken noodle soup

  • J noon ball

  • cleaned wood surfaces with Murphy's Oil Soap

Evidence of cleaning

Evidence of school

Thursday. . .

  • laundry and linen closet

  • general house cleaning and decluttering (where does all this stuff come from?)

  • work on kitchen, clean berkeys, new filter, clean butcher block and window, sweep, mop 

  • yard work - rake leaves, pick up, garden clean up, watch Bo and Elli play in the yard

  • make chicken noodle soup

"Every day when it's windy, I like to go out, let my hair blow back and ride my scooter." ~ Elli, when I asked if she was ready to part with her scooter (because I'm tired of seeing it left in the yard).  :)

Friday. . . 

  • trip to Billings

  • pretzels at the mall (for our Red Carpet row)

  • Costco

  • home, dinner, bath, bed

  • edit photos

My guess is she is trying to talk Malachi into coming home with us. 

Malachi - trying to decide if he will come home with us or stay with Pop. It was such a hard decision! 

Elli and I had a really good week together, but she really missed Malachi! He ended up coming home and they argued the whole weekend! 

Sabbath. . . 

  • day: rest, talk to Luke on the phone, email, Bible study, lunch, service online, kids to park with Jordan, got a care package from Mema in the mail

  • sundown: clean up