Project 52 {Week 15}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 15.

April 8th-13th

This week:

  • we observed the Feasts of First Fruits and Unleavened Bread.

  • Luke is teaching Eliana how to ride her bike. 

  • Nathan had his surgery to repair complex lateral meniscus tear, a separate tear to posterior lower lateral meniscus, and a complete ACL tear. They took the tendon from his hamstring to reconstruct the ACL. It all went very well and he had his first physical therapy appointment this week to change the dressing. . . all looks good and he did well. (I have some scope photos of the injuries and repairs to put in my album). 

  • we are a man down, so we are trying to pull together as a family to make it work. 

  • soccer games start this week ~ Elli (very first game) and Mali - Wed. at 4:00 and Thurs in TRV @ 4:00.

  • we are rowing: just not feeling it this week; but, I did plan our last 3 books from Vol. 2 while waiting for Nathan while in surgery. 

  • in school: Sonlight P4/5 Week 14; MFW Week 31. Also just realized this week that RTR only has 34 weeks scheduled! 

  • we looked at/test drove a 2006 Honda Odyssey EX. . . (It's about time to upgrade our main vehicle and I miss our Odyssey! But, not sure we want to spend the money.) 

Pics from our week: 

Eliana after a bike owie. 

Bo surprised me - climbed up the steps, sat down and slid down the slide for the first time by himself! 

Day of First Fruits 


Nathan sporting his heated gown. :) 

The incisions. 4.11.12

60 degrees flexion and no more for 6 weeks. 

Gonna work the quad muscles with stimulation.

His awesome physical therapist. 


The CryoCuff. 

School at the park. . .


Needed a change of pace and some fresh air. 

Soccer. . .

Love how he is peeking in at Bo. :)

She retrieved her shades from Bo and then played the rest of her game wearing them. 

Not sure what he was feeling, but this is how I feel right now. Not sure I would be as cute, though! ;-) 

This is a look of uncertainty. She is always watching to make sure I am there. 

I want to always be there for her.