The Red Carpet {B4FI♥AR}

~Eliana is 5 years old~

"The Duke of Sultana is coming, so the Hotel Bellevue is rolling out the red carpet. But when the doorman gives the carpet a push, it rolls and rolls and rolls! It rolls out the door, onto the curb, and down the street. It runs east on Route 22 and out into the countryside and soon turns everything bright red!  
Oh, no! Will this runway carpet ever stop?" ~ from the back cover of The Red Carpet, by Rex Parkin. 
This was such a FUN book! We mostly had some memory making fun (since we rowed this over spring break), but we also focused on a community theme, "things people do", directions, and more!

Memory Making Fun

Roll the Red Carpet Through Town!

"On special occasions the doorman, in blue,
Rolled out a lovely red carpet too!"

Ice cream cart in the public square. 

The police chase! 

"Attention Car 4!" they heard the voice say.
"Arrest a red carpet! It's coming your way!"

This story has a fun ending - you must take a look! 
It is worth the effort to find this out-of-print book! 

Fruit Rolls

After all that red carpet chasing, we rolled out our own red carpet ~ to eat!

 Eliana said this was her favorite part of the row. :) 


The story begins when the Hotel Bellevue receives a telegram that the Duke of Sultana is coming to stay. . . so I had Eliana send a "telegram" (text) to Malachi, who was at the property all week

The surprise was a strawberry fruit roll. :)

Pretzels at the Mall

The boys were at the property in Montana, but they met us in Billings to have pretzels at the mall. (The red carpet upsets a pretzel cart as it rolls through the public square.)

Mali and Elli had cinnamon and sugar.

They were SO good! {Fresh made and natural, too.}

Community: Police Officers, What Makes a Town Go Round? Street Signs

For Sonlight Core P4/5, we have been reading Things People Do.

For this row, we read:
  • Hotel Manager
  • Police (had to read ahead for this one)
  • Newspaper Reporter
We noticed the red carpet!

And we went on a field trip (with the YMCA preschool) to the police station. 

Miss Sweet Eliana and Mr. "Cheese" Malachi

More sweet.

More cheese. :)  

Ah, now that's sweet. 

They were so well behaved and so quiet! 

In the dispatch room - the front office called 911 so that we could hear what it sounded like when
 an emergency call came in. 

They got to tour the police car. 

And meet the police dog, who was wearing his official police dog badge. 

I used Project Life pages (Design E, Design A and 6x6 from the Big Variety Pack6x12, 12x12) and journaling cards and papers from Amber and Cobalt editions and regular 8.5x11 sheet protectors for the preschool pack. 

The Red Carpet is a Before Five in a Row selection. 

We rowed this during Week 11 of our life and took our field trip during Week 12

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