Project 52 {Week 12}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 12.

March 18th - 24th.

This week. . .

  • trying to eat healthier and less

  • enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather!

  • planning a soccer get together for Jordan


  • boys home from property

  • picked up co-op order

  • read a book

  • spring break is officially over


  • back to school? uh. . .

  • started our row of Wee Gillis (Social Studies)

  • worked on math, Daily Writing, and Daily Science with Malachi - a week's worth of material. 


  • had a scare today - I was making carrot juice in the kitchen with Boaz and then he was gone. Someone left the back door open and he slipped out. I ran outside and didn't see him in the back yard, ran through the house to make sure he wasn't there - nope, so we all scrambled for the front door. . . and there he was in the front yard. Need to make sure both back yard gates are shut and locked at all times now that the weather is nicer.  The front door won't shut unless we lock it, so it is usually not a problem. Kicking myself for checking the house first, but thankful that he was safe. 

  • I fasted most of the day. I broke my fast with the carrot juice. I didn't fast for spiritual reasons, but to detox and strengthen my inner resolve. I am having a hard time resisting temptation and wanting junk food.  My fast didn't start out for spiritual reasons, but it is a spiritual lesson on self-control that I must train myself in. Banana just before bed. 

1 Corinthians 16:13 Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.

  • Eliana made a cheese sandwich all by herself. "It looks so good, I don't want to eat it!" she said. (LOL)

  • started Sonlight Week 10

  • did some Wee Gillis (SS and LA)

  • order book from Amazon (I had a library copy, but this one is a keeper!). 

  • order photos

My carrot carrot juice.

Dylan reading to Mali and Elli. They are both biting their fingernails - is that genetic? 

Mr. "Yuck, that's gross!"

Then he takes another drink, LOL! 

Elli's sandwich that "looks so good [she] didn't want to eat it." :) 


  • ate 1 banana, 3 carrot carrot juice (1 c. ice, 1 c. water, 3 carrots in Vitamix), 2 eggs (Luke made), another banana, mixed spring greens, 2/3 c. smoothie (banana, orange, blueberry, water, ice smoothie that Luke made for me) and salad,  veggie spaghetti sauce (tomato, carrot, celery, green pepper, onion, garlic) with whole wheat noodles. 

  • grocery shopping, order 20 loaves of sourdough bread.

  • Wee Gillis (Math)

  • finished up Sonlight Week 10 (Bible at bedtime)

Duck craft for Six Little Ducks That I Once Knew and 5 Little Ducks.

Duck songs and finger plays. 


  • ate a few (about 5) bites of oatmeal, 1 banana, 2 cups salad, 1 bean tostada (whole corn) with cheese and sour cream, 1 orange, half a matzah cracker with butter on it, a bite of Bo's strawberry cereal bar, a few chips with leftover beans, and a 3 carrot carrot juice with 2 oranges. 

  • day 4 of Wee Gillis (Science)

  • FedEx and UPS boxes arrived today (shin guards for Jordan and Luke and a book I ordered)

  • order soccer shirts for Jordan, write checks for shirts and socks

  • take Jordan to soccer practice, forget checks

  • walk to the park with the kids (Elli and Mali ride their bikes), then decide to play on the soccer field at the Y (park is too busy). The Y field is nice because it is fenced in and is a large playing area. I might take the kids there to do school on nice days. It was so nice to be outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air! Mali and Elli practiced passing the ball while Nathan and Dylan shot on the goals. Then Nathan had a soccer shooting clinic and then a ref meeting at the Y. I visited with a friend/mom of kid's friends while waiting to pick up Jordan.

  • Jordan had a team dinner at the high school after practice. Pick him up and then home for dinner. 

  • Luke had the ref meeting and then worked late talking to coaches. 

  • I'm tired tonight. Luke is sitting at the table, working on putting teams together for spring soccer. This is his busiest time of the year (although he has been continuously busy for months) and he has had additional meetings and projects to do so he is out the door early and working late all week - and maybe for the rest of the season. I need to go to bed early - I have so much more to do when he is gone - he lightens my load for sure.  

Love his smile. :) 

Jordan's new soccer gear. 

I trimmed Bo's hair. 

She loves Bo so much. 


  • woke up ridiculously early (4am) and left the house before 5:30am to go shopping

  • home at 7:30, boys out the door by 8:30 for the day

  • Police station field trip 9:30 - 10:30 (for our row of The Red Carpet - we tagged along with the Y pre-school since Luke was driving the bus for them!)

  • lunch - hard boiled egg and a salad 

  • Bo down for nap

  • work on review

  • Wee Gillis (Art and Narration)

  • Jordan high school soccer game 4:00 - JV game

  • dinner out (crispy chicken wrapped in lettuce w/ tomato, fresh cut fries for Elli and I, and bean burritos for Luke and Mali)

  • older boys home (missed them today!)

  • bed!

Head Bump!

Jordan scored 1 goal this game and got lots of playing time. 

Sports Blooper? haha! 

Blowing bubbles during the game. 

It's the Biblical New Year, which means 2 weeks to de-leaven our house in preparation for the Spring Holy Days. Happy New Year! 


  • bible study

  • played playdough with Mali and Elli

  • Luke to park with kids while Bo naps

  • walk to Whitney while kids ride their bikes

Elli riding her bike with a fudgesicle (wrapped in a washcloth). 

I love my family. I love my kids.  I love my life. It is not always easy or perfect and it is simple, but I wouldn't want to be anyone else but me.