Project 52 {Week 14}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 14.

April 1st - 7th.

This week:

  • is spring break, (week 2 of 2)! 

  • the spring Biblical Holy Days begin! 

  • we are spring cleaning and de-leavening for the week of Unleavened Bread.

  • spent the whole day on Sunday working on the kitchen, pantry, mudroom, dining room and bathroom (phew!)

  • we squeezed in English Trifles for our row of Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car and field trip to the fire station (community theme for Core P4/5).  

  • we took the family out for dinner for working so hard (the kids were SO surprised!)

  • I took the oldest two out for ice cream and rented a couple movies (Tin Tin and Mr. Popper's Penguins) for being the hardest workers. 

  • I gave Nathan a hair cut. 

  • Elli got a gift in the mail from her pen pal! 

  • I pre-registered Nathan for his surgery and found out his time for surgery on Monday.

  • Nathan is walking without his crutches and knee brace without pain (just so thankful for the Father's hand on him!)

  • our "new" vacuum broke in the middle of spring cleaning, ha!  

  • got our "old" vacuum (a Kirby) fixed and and tuned up and it only cost $38.50! (So happy that we don't have to buy another vacuum from W-mart). 

  • we read They Were Strong and Good and talked about our family tree and those that were strong and good, but I decided not row this book. 

  • Luke made a quick trip to Costco with some of the kids.

  • Jordan keeps asking me if I miss giving him rides to soccer practice, but I don't. I love that he can drive! It is a help to me.  I do miss our talks on the way home, though. I love hearing how his practice went and what is going on. Instead of getting it all at once, I get bits and pieces here and there, when he thinks about it.  

Our week in photos:

She made this poster for Nathan to encourage him. So sweet. :) 

Gift from her pen pal. I love how she is admiring it. :) 

I am. . . 

  • going: shopping for groceries and to the Y for soccer practice for Mali and Elli

  • cooking: a big pot of spaghetti sauce with turkey sausage, BBQ chicken legs with hot wing sauce, cube-steak, fried green beans with sliced almonds, spaghetti, taco salad, and pasta salad

  • baking: a big batch of homemade peanut butter chocolate chip granola

  • reading: Ephesians (last week of the study) and through the Bible - finishing up week 13 (I am a week behind)

  • planning: school curriculum as I finalize my decisions and count the cost ($2700+) 

  • blogging: trying to get caught up

  • walking: 3.5 hours this week. . . must remember to stretch! 

  • praying: for Nathan's surgery and a full recovery

  • wondering: about our finances and how it will all work out (I know it will) and still remain debt free. 

  • thinking: about a garden

Garlic that I planted last fall. 

I added some compost (with Jordan's help) and took out one 4x8 box that is done (it lasted 5 years). I think I shall not add another box this year, but make a play space for the kids (a pole bean teepee or sunflower house?).