What I Love About You {16 Months}


16 Months Old


I love. . .

  • how you sign and say "hot" all the time now, and how you still point and grunt for what you want

  • how you are starting to talk more - you have been saying Elli for a little while, but are now saying "Pop" and "hey" when he you are tired or angry  or when someone takes something away from you (today (4.12) you said hey when someone turned on the TV, after I said to leave it off, ha ha! and then went and turned it off), when you want something or when someone takes something away from you. 

  • how much you are chattering! You speak "sentences" of gibberish. It is especially cute how you use your tongue to "talk" and how you roll it around in your mouth. 

  • tonight at dinner, you ate everything on your plate and wanted more (stroganoff and a slice of tomato, in lieu of a salad) - you were so diligent to scrape up every last bit with your spork and use your spork and spoon so well. 

  • how you let the milk drip from your sippy cup and watch the drops form into puddles on your tray, as if you are creating a piece of art work.

  • that you have been cutting molars for the past month and the cusps have finally erupted - poor baby, they were swollen and bruised and looked painfully sore just before they broke through the skin a few weeks ago. You still do not have your centrals, but your bottom right lateral is half way in.

  • how smart you are and how you found my chocolate stash in my desk drawer and the little bite marks I find in unopened chocolates. :) 

  • how much you love to be outside (I'm signing it for you, but you just go to the door)

  • how intently you looked at the bunny we saw cross the sidewalk on our way to the library - you were very interested in him. We waited still and quiet (as we can be) until he hopped away. 

  • how much Sissy loves you, but she bothers you at times

  • how much you like our nap time routine and how easily you go down and how long you nap (but you don't like bed at night time as much). You still end up in bed with us, but Pop has been getting up with you and sleeping with you in the chair so I can sleep. You still want to nurse all night long and we'd like to wean you at night. 

  • how much you love your lovies! All of them. If I pick you up out of your crib, you hand me each one, plus your blanket, before you let me pick you up. You stuff them by your legs when I am nursing or walking you in the stroller. During nap, you sleep on top of one. You have your Lovie bear, a small puppy (that I bought you when you turned 1), Dylan's puppy that Pop bought him when he was three, a lamb, a duck, and a frog that were from when Malachi and Eliana were babies. 

  • how you will play for a good 20-30 minutes in your crib after you wake up (and sometimes when I put you down) so that I get at least a 3 hour break (sometimes longer) while you rest. You need it - you are such a BUSY boy and always on the go while awake. 

  • that we are enjoying every minute with you

  • that you are so tough. You jump on Elli and play rough and tumble with her. You ran up to her today and hugged her around the waist, like you were going to tackle her, LOL! She's more than twice your size! 

  • how strong you are and how you can pull the gates down (it is getting very hard to contain you and I don't get as much done because I have to have an eye on you at all times - you can climb up on the stove and I have to keep the oven door locked, because you pull the door open and stand on the door.)

  • your pout

  • how you clean up messes, wipe up spills and do big boy things.

  • how you are sitting staying on the sidelines during soccer games and not wandering all over the field. 

  • your long, curly strawberry blonde hair.

I need to get better at documenting these little things ~ you are growing so fast!