Project 52 {Week 13}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 13.

March 25th - 31st.

This week. . .

  • soccer get-together for Jordan

  • J turns 16!

  • J gets his driver's license!

  • spring cleaning/de-leavening officially begins

  • we started our row of Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car

  • did Sonlight P4/5 Week 11

  • boys week 29 in MFW - Maya, Aztec and Inca

  • Nathan tore his ACL and lateral meniscus in a sports injury

1st day of the week. . .

  • clean all morning, pick up bread, make subs

  • J's soccer get-together

[pics in his milestone post]

2nd day. . . 

  • Eliana had her first soccer practice

  • Nathan hurt his knee @ soccer practice

Leftovers.  Turkey Sub. Yum. 

Itsy-Bitsy Spider with Eliana. 

3rd day. . .

  • Jordan's birthday and soccer game in Gillette 

  • took Nathan to orthopedics - he is put on crutches

4th day. . . 

  • Nathan's MRI

  • Diagnosis: complete ACL tear and tear in the back of his lateral meniscus - he will need surgery, physical therapy and 6 months rehabilitation. He took it well. He is very athletic, but very easy going. 

Malachi finished his All About Reading Level 1 today! 

5th day. . . 

  • Elli and Mali soccer practice

LOL! "So cute!" Elli says, "Cute little hands."

6th day. . . 

  • meet with surgeon to discuss Nathan's surgery

  • prep day

Continuing on with our "Community" theme ~ Firemen.

7th day. . .

  • rest!

  • trip to Billings for fellowship and potluck :)