Project 52 {Week 16}

Our life.

One week at a time.


 Week 16.

 April 15th - 21st.

Matzah Crunch from Feast of Unleavened Bread. 

Sprinkled with kosher salt. 

I see you. :) 

Last time I saw my keys.

Dylan "helping" with a science experiment for Mali and Elli. :)

15 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes at the bar. 

15 minutes each on 2 different settings. 

He thinks it feels strange. . . 

 in a good way, I'm sure.

Stitch removal. 

This week. . .

  • Nathan finished his school (MFW) for the year (need to check him out still).  

  • We started our row of Make Way for Ducklings

  • Nathan had PT (2x) and got his stitches out. 

  • Nathan has been hopping around the house, but at his appointment to have his stitches removed, it was suggested that he not do that, in case he looses his balance. He did say he could take his brace off and night. Um, except that Nathan sleep walks - I heard him last night and he CAN walk on it, but is not supposed to. I will have to call to see if we should keep the brace on at night anyways, in case he sleep walks on it again. (I slept walked when I was a child). 

  • Kids had soccer games.

  • I made a new family favorite ~  homemade macaroni and cheese. First, an oven-baked Tex-Mex Mac and a then a Crockpot Mac - both so good.  I think Cellentani Alfredo is a new favorite as well. 

  • Bo lost my keys,  but Malachi found them several days later between the seat (after I looked there for them!). 

  • We attended services/fellowship on Shabbat.