FI♥AR Planning {Storm in the Night} and Weather Unit

Now that I have given you a peak into our daily life, I'll share how I planned and when I found the time time to pull it together! (I share our row here.)

First, here it is all ready to go:

We are rowing Storm in the Night

Craft supplies. . .

and books.
(Inside each of the page protectors are materials for each lesson.)   

I start brainstorming towards the end of a row (or Friday, whichever comes first) what we will row next.  If I row a book over two weeks (3 days one week, 2 the next), then I generally take the 2nd week to row AND plan. I have a general "plan" but I don't plan too far in advance because I like to tie in rows to real life as much as I can. It happened that this was next on our list.

I did a search on Pinterest for some weather crafts. Then I did a search on a few of 1st grade blogs for a weather unit and found an awesome unit from Made for First GradeLearning About Weather and My Weather Book. While searching around, I found a few other crafts and activities that tie in. I purchased the downloads and printed them right away. Then I hit the library for the books (not knowing if the library would be open on Sunday). I picked up a few crafty things during a trip to the store. 

On Sunday, I organized everything and found a few more craft items that I needed.

I typically plan and pull things together in the span of a few days, unless it is a special row. . . but I am always keeping my eye out for ideas!

Our next row was a little different ~ I printed the lapbook from Homeschool Share and will continue on with our weather unit, focusing on tornados and emergency preparedness. 

See more of how I plan here: 

Five in a Row ~ Behind the Scenes of Owl Moon

As you will see, I take a planning break to pull together as many rows as I can. I still have some rows in  file folders ready to go. . . and pull others together like I did this one. Once I finish with our plan for this year, I will take a break to make a new plan! 

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