Fresh Peas in the Wintertime

I love fresh peas right from the garden. They are so nutritious and good for you, and they are one of my fondest memories of my childhood growing up in California. A patch of peas grew right next to the swimming pool and I have loved them ever since I can remember.

In the wintertime, I like to sprout whole green peas and eat them raw. They are so simple to sprout and taste just like they came from the garden. First, I soak them in water overnight. Then I drain off the water and put them in a dark cupboard.

I like to sprout them in a big gallon jar. They begin to sprout after a couple days and I like to let them grow to about a half of an inch long.

I put some in a bowl and store in the fridge for snacking and the rest I make into a big pot of Split-Pea Soup. I love that I am able to offer my family fresh greens and wholesome sprouted pea soup to warm them in the wintertime and I always keep a big bag of dried green peas in my pantry.