Tot School: Tot Science

The opportunity presented itself and I seized the moment to teach Elli how flowers drink water.

We added coloring to the water to see if we could see the flowers drink the water.

After a few days, we could see the flower start to turn color at the base.

After a few more days, we could see the color at the tips of the petals.

The blue and green were the only colors we noticed. (The pink and purple did not work).

We noticed that the flowers that were drinking colored water wilted and died much quicker than the flower with clear, undyed water. I used this opportunity to explain to Elli that this is why we do not eat artificial colorings ~ they are not good for us either. I wish I would have left a flower out of the water to show her what happens when you do not water flowers at all, but this was such a spur of the moment experiment (Daddy bought us flowers). And I do mean us because whenever Luke buys me flowers, he always buys one for his little girl too. =)

I made this post separate from our regular Tot School post this week on Texture Painting, so that I could include this in our science series and also link to Science Sunday. =)

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