"The Salt Evaporating School"

Mali and I participated in the Winter Series Salt Study at Handbook of Nature Study. We attempted to grow our own salt crystals to observe. We used the four kinds of salt that I had on hand: Real Salt (course), Real Salt (fine), table salt, and Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate).

Mali explored the different textures and shapes.

Then he added salt to water to make a solution. We talked about things like saturation and evaporation.

He then poured each salt water solution into a lid and placed it under a heat lamp next to a sunny window so the water would evaporate quicker.

I made a little notebooking page for Mali. He named the experiment and narrated the procedure while I typed. Then I printed it and had him draw a sketch.

We had crystals within 24 hours (a little too quick!). The water in the Epsom salt solution took several days to evaporate and was still not quite evaporated when we explored the crystals.

The crystals were small because the the water evaporated so quick. I did find it interesting that the minerals in the Real Salt sunk to the bottom and the salt formed crystals on top.

Mali and I made a second notebooking page for the results.

He drew himself looking at the crystals and the shape he saw. *Ü*

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