Prepare and Pray

Prepare and Pray is a family preparedness study based off the book Swiss Family Robinson, by Johann Wyss.SFR is a delightful "living" book that is rich in natural science, vocabulary, geographical details, history and physical science. It is a timeless classic with strong moral and spiritual content. We read the original version and love the rich language. The subjects covered in the curriculum include Bible memory, Handi-work/Crafts, Life skills, Clothing, Shelter, Health, Safety and Nutrition, Natural and Physical Science, Geography and History. The discussion questions provided provoke deep discussions. And I love the Toddler Tales for the little ones.

Some of the activities below are from the curriculum, but many are our own inspired from the curriculum and/or book. I do my best to share bits and pieces in the context of what we are doing in our home school without revealing too much from the curriculum itself. {So know that there is MUCH more to the curriculum than I am sharing!}

In Lessons 1-4 we made survival kits, first aid kits, stuff sacks, fire bugs, a sun clock, a solar water distiller, emergency shelters, tin can stoves, a reflector oven, and even a solar hot dog cooker. We’ve learned how to build campfires, learned first aid techniques, how to track animals, how to tie different knots and how to identify wild edibles. And these are just SOME of the activities we did! I share on my blog starting with Lesson 5.

Prepare and Pray Lesson 5

Prepare and Pray Lesson 5: Part 2

Prepare and Pray Lesson 6: Seeds for Tomorrow

Prepare and Pray (and Light the Way): Lesson 7

Prepare and Pray Lesson 8: The Rainy Season

Prepare and Pray Lesson 9: Something’s Fishy

Prepare and Pray Lesson 10: Preparing for Winter

Prepare and Pray Lesson 11: An Unwelcome Visitor!

Prepare and Pray Lesson 12: Expedition

Prepare and Pray Lesson 13: Preparing for Winter

Prepare and Pray Lesson 14: Storing the Harvest

Prepare and Pray Lesson 15: Preparation for Perilous Times

Prepare and Pray Lesson 16: Ten Years Later

Prepare and Pray Lesson 17 & 18: A Stranger and Farewell

We have Blessed Assurance, the sequel to Prepare and Pray, and will be using it in the future. =)