Tot School: 36 Months 1 Week

Tot School

~Eliana is 36 months 1 Week~

This was a real simple week for us. It is good for me to remember that sometimes the simplest of activities are appealing to my tot!

Tot Trays

Transferring with Salad Tongs

I cut up green foam into "bite size" pieces of lettuce and had Elli transfer the "salad" to a smaller dish. It was much easier standing up!

Sweeping and Pouring

I used masking tape to make a square on the table and had Elli sweep up yellow split peas, pick them up with the mini dust pan and pour them onto the tray.

I Forget What These Are Called

I thought this would be a great small motor skill activity, but she was only interested in placing one in each point. And that is all she wanted to do.

Floor Puzzle

Elli put together this Melissa and Doug shapes puzzle. She had a little help from eager helping hands. =)

Lacing Buttons

Elli asked to have these again this week. She and Mali sorted them by size (big and small) and shared nicely.

I can't decide if she was concentrating, or if it was not working the way she wanted it. My daughter is so expressive (like her mother). I will often be deep in thought and someone will think something is wrong.

Early Math

This is a math concept that I learned from Ray's Arithmetic. Each number from one to ten is taught by illustrating each number by corresponding groups of objects. So that she can instantly give the number of any group of objects from one to ten, without counting. To begin this concept with my 3 year old, I simply placed dot stickers on an index card and had her place pom poms on each dot and then said the number and had her repeat the number. We will repeat this activity weekly, using a variety of objects until she masters this concept. I am interested in this concept of teaching her to recognize groups of objects without counting. Science Fun

Elli had fun learning how Insta-Snow works during one of Malachi's lessons.

Swimming Lessons!

Elli is taking swimming lessons for the first time. (I love her little belly sticking out).

At the end of each lesson, they get to play with the toys. She has to hold on to the wall when she is not with the teacher (they only put the float belt on her that one day). She has learned to blow bubbles in the water, jump in (with teacher's help), go under water (she did not like that part), float on her back and water safety (like no running in the pool area even when she is excited to see Daddy visit her at the pool!) and more.

After two weeks, 4 days a week, I have mastered the art of getting in and out of the water quickly. This next week is her last week for this session, but the kids are signed up for another session already and they will take lessons up until soccer starts. (Which means that I have to get dressed each day. No more loafing in my PJ's all day. =) They are just so warm and cozy!)

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