Homeschool Highlights: The Sports Edition

This edition of our Homeschool Highlights is a record of all the crazy business we have been up to. The kids finished their swimming lessons last week and started a new session today. Eliana will continue at level 1, Malachi advanced to level 2, Dylan advanced to level 4, and Nathan will remain at level 4. Jordan graduated from level 4, the highest level and advanced to Swim Camp where he will learn more advanced skills that would enable him to participate on a swim team if he desired. After this, he will be able to take lifeguard training.

The first three photos are of Dylan.

I love the look of joy on Mali's face in the following photo. He loves to be in the water.

The following photo made me smile because she is cold and is doing the sign for cold. =)

Nathan and Dylan wrapped up their Volleyball season last week:

They ended the season with 9 wins, 2 losses.

The following picture of Elli, I couldn't help but include. After swimming, a trip to the library and then back to the YMCA for volleyball games, this girl was plain tired (and grumpy).

The older boys have already begun their Floor Hockey season. Each boy is on a different team this year because Luke wanted to bump Nathan up to play in Jordan's league. He is certainly qualified, but it means I have 3 boys coming and going at different times. Jordan designed the floor hockey shirts this year and I think they came out great! They just got them today, so I will have to take a picture to post next time.

On top of all this, Nathan is still practicing with the traveling basketball team. Practices are long and hard and he does this just to play and sharpen his skill, but he does not travel with the team. He has 3 weeks of practice left.

Jordan and Nathan are taking a referee training course on Mondays and Wednesday nights from 6 to 8:30pm. They have one more week of this and a final class on Sunday afternoon. After they complete this course, they will be certified and can ref traveling soccer games. They can make $20 a game doing this and are very excited to say the least. Tonight, they brought homework home (I had to smile at that). Nathan says the class is hard, but he is learning a lot. One night, he was talking in his sleep. Luke asked him if he was awake and he said, "Yeah." So Luke asked him what 2 times 2 is and he said, "a drop kick." He asked him again, and he said, "the other guy's ball." (chuckle) This, of course, was the talk of the house the next morning. (smile) Yes, he is learning a lot.

Is it just me, or does it seem like we are crazy busy? Gone are the days of schooling until 4. We have to be done by 2pm to get ready for swimming, then sports.

As far as academics, we have wrapped up our study on Ancient Egypt, finished our second great read aloud for this section and are ready to move on. We are on Section 5, Part One of the Madsen Method and have been spending more time on that since wrapping up my other reviews.

I just received a few new review products: Artisitc Pursuits Jr. High Book One and R.E.A.L Science Odyssey - Chemistry. I will be using AP with Jordan and the Chemistry book with Nathan and Dylan, the later who has been begging to do Chemistry (literally). I am really hoping that this program will work for us.

I love being able to see all that we have accomplished. It feels good to see everything come together so nicely in a blog post, when in reality, the activities are sometimes spread out over several weeks and don't always flow together so nicely.