The Art Experience: Paint!

Art is a wonderful way for children to express themselves and children love to paint! This is my preschooler's all time favorite thing to do.

Painting Supply List:

{A good place to start!}
  • quality paper
  • coffee filters
  • spray bottles
  • droppers
  • sponges
  • scrapers
  • brushes - all kinds and sizes
  • newspaper brushes
Newspaper brush
  • foam brushes
Homemade foam brush.

  • massage rollers
  • paint rollers
  • squeegees
  • nylon sock filled with sand or salt. 
Nylon sock filled with salt.
  • splatter screens
  • feather dusters
  • fly swatters
Fly swatter painting.
  • straws
  • string
  • ribbon
  • bubble wrap
Bubble wrap painting the letter B for My Blue Boat.

  • cotton swabs
  • sticks
  • corks
  • feathers
  • medicine droppers
Drip drop painting during our Creation week
  • marbles
  • magnets and metal objects
Magnet painting for the letter M
  • nature items
  • spools
  • dog toys
  • crayons
  • toy cars and trucks
Tire track painting for our letter T fun.

  • liquid watercolor
  • tempera paint
  • kid paint
  • homemade paint
  • plexiglass (for on the table or on the wall for a smooth art surface)
  • butcher paper (cover the table and let them scribble, doodle and paint to their heart's content!)
  • vinyl table cover (to protect the surface of your table)

Provide a variety of tools and materials so children can experiment and become comfortable with expressing themselves.  And don't forget fingers, toes, hands and feet!

Do and Talk:
  • drip paint on paper and fold it in half 
  • use water color on wet paper
  • fingerpaint
  • dip string in paint then drag on paper
  • roll a marble in paint and then on paper
  • place a dab of paint on paper and move it around by blowing through a straw
  • paint with a variety of objects
  • use the objects to make prints
  • cut up dry paintings and paste them together to make a new picture
  • talk about what you are doing! 
Excellent resources for more art experiences:

The opportunities that you provide help build concepts, sharpen perception and build vocabulary! 

Tomorrow, I will share a few tips for success when working with your preschooler.
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  1. Oh, so much fun! We are going to be doing some "M"arble painting later today. You are always so creative. Thank you for sharing that with us =)

  2. How did you make the newspaper brush?

  3. Thanks so much for all the great painting ideas! I wouldn't have thought of all those things on my own.

  4. So many great painting tools and ideas!

  5. So many fun ideas - and not just for preschoolers either! I can see my older children having a lot of fun painting this way.

  6. WOW! I love all the various items that you used for painting! Thanks for sharing! Kerri

  7. This is great! You have inspired me. I've been saving back droppers and bottles from tinctures. Also I just got finished with a spray bottle that had vitamin D in it. Maybe I could come up with a spray paint. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Even though I have six children and only three are still preschoolers, I often forget how much the little ones need interaction because I am focused on getting the lessons done for the big kids. This is a great reminder of how much fun "teaching" my babies can be! I didn't ever even think of driving a truck through paint and I know that is going to be a huge hit!!!! Thanks for blogging.
    Amy B

  9. So, here's my issue with paint: TIME CONSUMING! This is not the type of activity where I can let my kids explore while at the kitchen table while I clean out the dishwasher.
    Another issue: What do you do with the wet paper?
    I'm all for painting, so I would love any hints you can give me about this. Thanks!

  10. I usually set them on the heater until they dry. If my dehydrator is
    out, I will line the trays up (so convenient!). I try to give them
    lots of paper so they move on, though. Usually, I have to convince
    them to paint a little more so we don't waste the paper. As far as it
    being time consuming, that part can be a blessing - I just make sure
    the paint stays at the table and my table is protected. I cover the
    whole table in clear vinyl (from the fabric section at Walmart) and
    then I never have to worry. I just give them plenty of supplies and
    they paint as long as they want. I guess I do leave them... hmm, maybe
    you could have them paint on the kitchen floor? You could use a
    painters drop cloth (they are pretty cheep). Or paint in the sink with
    water based colors that wash off easily?