What I Love About You ~ Malachi ~ 6 Years

Malachi working in his Geography workbook.

Malachi, your life {at 6} is:

  • army guys and G.I. Joes

  • cars

  • Command and Conquer, although you call it Commandments and Conquer still =) 

  • drawing 

  • map making

  • spy stuff

  • building things with whatever you can find

  • full of imagination

  • reading The Beginner's Bible

  • hugs and smiles and willingness to help

  • being sweet to your sister and snuggles with Bo

  • cuddling with Nathan at bedtime

  • helping out around the house

  • learning to do chores

  • homeschool! 

  • learning to read and write

  • Five in a Row

  • Earlybird Math {you are good at Math like your Pop}

I can't believe you are six already! Time is going by so fast. I need it to slow down just a little. I need more time to enjoy you before you grow up.

An interview with Mali:

  • What is your name: Malachi

  • When is your birthday: I think January 24th. (Nope) January 22nd. (That's Elli's birthday, yours is Feb 22nd).

  • How old are you: 6

  • What is your favorite thing about being a kid? that I get a lot of relaxed time

  • What do you want to be when you grow up? policeman, no, I want to be a jungle person

  • Who is your Mama: Michelle

  • What does your Mama do: knit, take care of my baby brother, Boaz

  • Who is your Daddy: Luke

  • What does your Daddy do: go to work every day and make us go to bed at 8.

  • What is your favorite toy: Snake Eyes - he's a G.I. Joe

  • What is your favorite color: Green

  • What is your favorite book: Goldbug

  • Where do you want to live when you grow up: in a hotel, that would be fun.

  • What is your favorite animal: elephant

  • What do Mama and Daddy do after you go to bed: Mommy goes to sleep and my dad stays up

  • Who/what does our family love the most: Bible

  • Why do we read our Bible: because YHVH says to

  • Why do we obey YHVH: because He says to and if we don't we wouldn't get blessings.

  • What is your favorite ice cream flavor: Peach

  • Where do you like to eat: home

  • Who is your favorite person: Yeshua

  • Who is your best friend: Yeshua

  • What is your favorite thing to do: read the Bible



  1. Happy Birthday! Asher would love to meet you! I never put two and two together that they were similar in ages . . . I guess he might be closer to Ezra's age. Hope you had fun celebrating!

  2. Chel,

    Thank you for leaving this email about Malachi. Malachi is so wonderful and is very dear to me. I love his passion to want to be in the Bible and the reminders that he gives us. Also, I am astounded by how smart he is at Math and at Chess. Lastly, you commented that you enjoy him loving on you and I think this is a positive reflection of how he will treat his future bride.

  3. Happy Birthday!
    I love the interviews. We do them too. So much fun to look back from year to year and how their answers change.