What I Love About You ~ 6 Weeks

I Love...

  • how fast you are growing, but I'm in no hurry. 

  • that you are 12 pounds already! 

  • that you are already outgrowing your bath tub (not to mention your clothes).

  • how you are starting to like your baths. 

  • that you comfort as soon as you are in my arms.

  • that you let anyone hold you.

  • you snoozing next to me.

  • that you are just staring to coo. So sweet. 

  • your snorts. So funny. 

  • your new Miracle Blanket! 

  • that you loved to be swaddled and that you sleep better with it!

  • our new nighttime routine. 

  • listening to RainyMood.com with you. 

  • that we are sleeping better. 

  • that your brothers love to photograph you too (they took the ones below).

  • that you look like a teddy bear sitting there.  

  • that you are starting to smile!

  • you! 

I'm post dating this a week, since I am behind! 


  1. How big Bo is getting! I love all his different expressions. :-)
    I know you're relishing these *oh so brief* days!
    My grandbaby is due in a week--they're doing an ultrasound on Monday to decide whether or not to induce (not my daughter's choice)but we'll see. She's measuring big and they're afraid he's going to get too big for her to deliver since she had some difficulties delivering her other son *who was only 7lb.13oz.*.
    You amaze me with the way you've kept up the posting on your homeschool blog!
    Shalom my friend!

  2. Michelle, I wish I could hold him so much. He is such a beautiful blessing. He's perfect. Reading this post and seeing all these pictures brings back so many memories of Jesse just a little over a year ago. Can't believe how fast the time passes. I loved everything about this post. Made me think, lots.

    LOVE seeing him in his new blanket. SO glad he's liking it and it's helping him sleep better too. I was worried as to how he was doing with it since I recommended it:-).

    These posts are wonderful! You will LOVE having them next year this time. Jamie and I looked back at Jesse's just a few weeks ago and it was special. I enjoyed the videos on my blog too because some of them included Jack and boy has he grown by leaps and bounds too!

    I pray Bo will continue to grow strong and healthy with each passing day. Prayers for you too.

  3. These posts are so sweet. It will be nice for him to be able to look back on these.

  4. He is so gorgeous Michelle!!
    How are you both feeling this week? I hope the colds are gone !!
    Love the photo of him smiling at you. Gorgeous!!
    Luv Donna