What I Love About You ~ 7 Weeks

I Love...

  • your SMILE! 

  • still love nursing you and the bond we have.

  • that you weigh 12 pounds 10 ounces. . . you are a great nurser so easy to burp. :-)

  • that you are starting to sleep longer at night ~ up to 4 hours. 

  • your sleep schedule... if only I could get to sleep sooner. 

  • that you sleep from 10 - 2 pm consistently. At 2 months (when you are not considered a newborn anymore), I will start applying more methods from the No Cry Sleep Solution. So far, the ones I am using are helping! My goal is to start going to bed by 10, so I can get 4 straight hours of sleep. Then maybe I will be rested enough to apply the methods in the middle of the night. 

  • still love your Miracle Blanket. Thanks so much for the suggestion, Susana! :-)

  • your SMILE! It seems like everyday you are smiling more. Your smiles are a bright spot in my day!

  • how cute you are and how you are starting to notice things around you more. 

  • that you are such a good sleeper with all the noise we all make. 

  • those chubs! You look chubby in this pic (Nanie would love that!), but you are not that chubby. 

  • you waking up and wanting to be picked up (instead of the plug). 

  • you falling asleep in brothers arms right after he picked you up. 

  • yes, the back of your head. 

  • how your hair is starting to curl on top. 

  • your new crib. I didn't have a crib for Eliana (we didn't have room for one), so I debated buying one. But, I am so glad I did! You sleep in your crib for the first part of the night, then I put you in bed with me. 

  •  that the musical mobile calmed you while I folded clothes.

  • piles of clean baby clothes.

  • how you move your legs like you are going somewhere.

Here's you being entertained by the mobile while I fold laundry (and take pictures).

  • neatly folded stacks of cloth wipes.

  • you!


  1. Oh, he is so precious. You are a very blessed woman of Yah!

    Love you lots! Have another delightful week, my friend =)

  2. Oh I love the updates and all the pictures. Seems hard to believe that it has already been seven weeks since he was born! Arin watched the video with me. She is very excited that she will be a big sister soon - we found on on Friday and are due right around the end of Sukkot!!

  3. Chel, Bo is sooo gorgeous!
    I love reading these updates.
    Since you recommended the 'no cry sleep solution' I went over to the book depository and ordered a copy! Looking forward to reading it already-thanks for mentioning it!
    Love to you,
    Lus x

  4. He is growing sooo very fast....and I would agree with Nana...I love chuby cheeks too! Great pic of him and Jordan. ;)

  5. I have been enjoying all of your photos and updates of baby Boaz. He's so precious!

  6. I love that picture of Luke holding him where he has that cute little smile. Adorable!

  7. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!
    I am thinking about getting a miracle blanket too for this bubba, are you liking it?
    Praying you get into a good sleep rhythm that's fits Bo's sleep rhythms too.
    Luv Donna

  8. Chel,

    Thanks for all that you do for Bo! You have been instrumental in keeping it all going smoothly for him as he continues to get older. I don't think I recognize you enough, but thanks for being such a great mother to our children.



  9. Been thinking about you guys. Hope you are all doing well :)