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Create a Memory | Tot School ParTEA

I am a scrapbooker by heart - ever since I was a child. I love photography and I love to capture memories. But it is also a special joy to create memories! It's purposeful and intentional and I love the joy it brings to my children!

Recently, I wanted to create a special memory for Eliana since she turned 4 and "officially" graduated from Tot School. So, we had a Tot School Graduation ParTEA. This was my way of creating a memory and making the transition to "preschool" not only "official," but special.

Here is what we did:

Sugar Cube Tonging and Transferring

Tea Spoon and Sugar Cube Race

Good balance and coordination practice!
And fun!
Loose-Leaf Tea Spooning

With her hand as a guide...
Without... but it is wanting to help!
Milk Pouring

Filling the milk pitcher with cream.
Measuring cream for a recipe. 
Cookie Patterning
Elli says the square ones are brownies, not cookies. :-)
Pretend Play

{I found this printable Paper Tea Set on Etsy.}

Tea Time Play
Tea Party Time

Helping me set the table.

Ready for the parTEA!
We had:
  • Devonshire Clotted Cream 
  • Strawberries filled with cream ~ cut stem off then cut an x in the top of the strawberry almost to the bottom, and fill with cream.
  • Lemon Meltaways ~ a lemony version of the original recipe
  • Cream puffs
  • Short Bread Cookies 
It was our first "real" tea party. We are the only girls in the family, too, so that made it even more special. She may forget (she is so young), but I am sure that the memory is imprinted on her heart.

Make it special. Create a memory! {They grow so fast, make the most of each moment you have!}